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11 April 2020

Seychelles Government Gazette dated 2020-04-11 number 41

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                                              EXTRAORDINARY GAZETTE

                   Official Gazette
 No. 41                         <          XLV            .                          No, 41
 Published by Authority                                          Saturday 11th April 2020

                                 GOVERNMENT NOTICES
          The following Government Notice is published by Order of the President.

’ No.265of2020                     •                \
                            .    GAZETTE SUPPLEMENT
 The following Act is published as a Legal Supplement to this number of the Official Gazette.

   Gazette .                           Description                                     Pri?e
     41               Appropriation (Amendment) Act, 2020. (Act 13 of2020)               5-00

 No.266of2020                                       ' ■                          -
                                PUBLIC HEALTH ACT, 20J5
                                       (Act ifof2015)
             Infectious Disease (Prohibition of Outdoor Movement) Order, 2020
          Infectious Disease (Prohibition ofPublic Assemblies) (No. 3) Order, 2020
 Infectious Disease (Restriction on opening closing of Offices,'establishments, and shops)
                                     ■ Order, 2020'
 Infectious Disease (Restriction on travel byvessels to, or leaving, any part ofSeychelles)
                                        Order, 2020 f
 In exercise of the powers conferred by regulation 7,7C, 8,9 and 13A of the Public Health
 (Infectious Diseases) Regulations (S.1.8 of 1960), the Public Health Commissioner hereby
 order that for a period of twenty-one (21) days starting from 12.00 PM (Midnight) of 8tji
 April, 2020 and up to 12.00 PM (Midnight) of 29th April, 2020, subject to the exceptions
 and restrictions set out hereunder:
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