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11 August 2020

Seychelles Government Gazette dated 2020-08-11 number 72

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                                            EXTRAORDINARY GAZETTE

                   Official Gazette
No. 72                                    XLV                                    No. 72
Published by Authority                                         Tuesday 11th August 2020

                                    GOVERNMENT NOTICES
         The following Government Notice is published by Order of the President.

No. 628 of2020
                                    ELECTIONS ACT 1995
                                         (CAP 262)

In exercise of powers conferred by Section 13 of the Elections Act, 1995, the Electoral
Commission hereby appoints the dates specified in column 1 of the schedule as the dates of
the Presidential and National Assembly Election in the electoral areas specified in the
corresponding entry in column 2 of the schedule.


COLUMN 1                                              COLUMN 2
Date                                                  Electoral Area

22nd and 23rd October, 2020                           In respect of voters of all electoral
                                                      area who are on the Outer Islands

22nd and 24th October, 2020                           All electoral areas on Mahe and
                                                      Praslin other than in respect of voters
                                                      who are on Outer Islands

22nd, 23rd and 24th October, 2020                     Inner Islands

Dated this 11th day of August 2020.

                                                                  Mr. Danny Lucas
                                                         ELECTORAL COMMISSION

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