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11 January 2021

Seychelles Government Gazette dated 2021-01-11 number 3

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              OFFICIAL GAZETTE
                   REPUBLIC OF SEYCHELLES
                          Published by Authority of the Government
Vol. XLVI                        Monday 11th January 2021                                 No. 3

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                 GENERAL NOTICES
Gazette Notices No. 15 of 2021 are published by Order.

No. 15 of 2021
                                 LAND RECLAMATION NOTICE
Ms. Therese Lilette Savy acting on his own behalf has applied for authority, under Section 2 of
Land Reclamation Act to fill in and reclaim an area of the foreshore of approximately 1744 square
meters at Pointe Larue, (adjacent to the Parcel HS7905 and S9806).
The proposed area to be reclaimed is bounded on the Northern, Eastern, Southern Western side
by Sea and Western side by Parcel S7905 and S9806.
The area to be reclaimed is demarcated as follows:
      POINT NAME                  EASTINGS                  NORTHINGS
      P2                          336945.63                 9482211.88
      P1                          336934.04                 9482176.95
      (A)                         336886.74                 9482193.14
      1                           336884.46                 9482202.42
      2                           336885.99                 9482206.52
      (C)                         336885.93                 9482211.07
      4                           336885.89                 9482213.93
      (E)                         336888.83                 9482220.18
      P2                          336945.63                 9482211.88
All distances are approximate.
The plan of the area to be filled in and reclaimed deposited with this application, may be
inspected at the Seychelles Planning Authority’s Office at Independence House.
Any person having any objections to the proposed reclamation on any grounds specified in
paragraph 5 of the 1st Schedule of the Act may lodge his or her objection in writing to the Chief
Executive Officer Planning Authority at the Planning Authority’s Office, Independence House no
later than 14 days from date of the first publication of this notice.
                                              Govin Pillay (Mr.)
                                              Senior Engineer
                                              FOR: CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

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