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8 February 2021

Seychelles Government Gazette dated 2021-02-08 number 12

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                  REPUBLIC OF SEYCHELLES
                        Published by Authority of the Government
Vol. XLVI                      Monday 8th February 2021                               No. 12

                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                  GENERAL NOTICES
Gazette Notices No. 59 of 2021 - 86 of 2021 are published by Order.
                             GAZETTE SUPPLEMENTS
Gazette                                Description                                      Price
 12              Public Health (Infectious Disease) (Mandatory Wearing of
                  Face Maks) (Amendment) Regulations, 2021. (S.I. 11 of 2021)            4.00
                  Public Health (Infectious Disease) (Amendment) Regulations,
                  2021. (S.I. 12 of 2021)                                                4.00
                  Public Health (Fixed Penalties) Regulations, 2021. (S.I. 13 of 2021) 64.00
                                  GENERAL NOTICES

No. 59 of 2021
                               INSURANCE ACT, 2008
                                     (Act 11 of 2008)
     Notice for surrender of certificate o registration to act as insurance sub-agent

Notice is hereby given that on January 11th, 2021, Mrs. Mandy Heather Hoareau has
surrendered her registration certificate to act as a life insurance sub-agent for SACOS Life
Assurance Co. Ltd.
                                                    FINANCIAL SERVICES AUTHORITY
No. 60 of 2021
                                  FOUNDATIONS ACT
                                     Section 99(2)
Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 99(2) of the Foundations Act, 2009 that the
following foundations have been struck off the register, due to failure to pay its annual fees
and penalty fees, with effect from 29th January, 2021.
      Foundation Name                                               Reg. No.
      STARS AND STRIPES FOUNDATION                                  331
      Arcadia Foundation                                            454
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