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15 February 2021

Seychelles Government Gazette dated 2021-02-15 number 13

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                  REPUBLIC OF SEYCHELLES
                         Published by Authority of the Government
Vol. XLVI                      Monday 15th February 2021                                 No. 13

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                 GENERAL NOTICES
Gazette Notices No. 87 of 2021 - 00 of 2021 are published by Order.

No. 87 of 2021
                                        (Act 15 of 2016)
                             Sections 272(1)(b)(ii) and 272(2)(b)
Notice is hereby given in accordance with section 272(2)(b) of the International Business
Companies Act, 2016 (the Act), the following companies will be struck off the register at the
expiration of 60 days from the date of this publication, pursuant to section 272(1)(b)(ii) of the
      Company Name                                                    IBC No.
      Summer Pavilion Worldwide Ltd                                   58066
      OMEGA PROPERTIES LTD.                                           32447
      Belmont Management Ltd.                                         43534
      Montana Capital Ltd.                                            53572
      Pointside Ventures Ltd                                          70025
      Skyfall Investment Corporation                                  113274
      Gulfspace General Trading LLC.                                  151809
      SOCAS INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED                            152629
      Foxley Group Ltd                                                168373
      ALLIANCE GROUP HOLDINGS LTD                                     170716
      Square Mile Investments Ltd                                     184636
      Innovtech Investments Ltd                                       188541
      Montgomery Investments Ltd                                      198009
      Captiva Holdings Ltd                                            198042
      SOLSVIK CORPORATION                                             224538
      Greenville Group Ltd                                            199974
      POWEREND HOLDINGS LIMITED                                       206413
      LUDI GROWTH HOLDINGS LTD                                        206342
      Silverdock Ltd                                                  139372
      Panocha Ltd                                                     174139
      MYG Global Inc.                                                 210678
      Hannibal Investment Limited                                     217111
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