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8 March 2021

Seychelles Government Gazette dated 2021-03-08 number 20

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                  REPUBLIC OF SEYCHELLES
                       Published by Authority of the Government
Vol. XLVI                      Monday 8th March 2021                               No. 20

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                GENERAL NOTICES
Gazette Notices No. 150 of 2021 - 167 of 2021 are published by Order.
                                GAZETTE SUPPLEMENT
Gazette                                Description                                  Price
 14                Broadcasting and Telecommunication (Per-second Billing by
                     Operators of Public Land Mobile Network) Regulations, 2021.
                     (S.I. 24 of 2021)                                               8.00
                                 GENERAL NOTICES

No. 150 of 2021
                        PREVENTION OF TERRORISM ACT
                                    (Act 7 of 2004)
                         Prevention of proliferation financing
                                  Regulations, 2021
    In the Prevention of proliferation financing Regulations, 2021 (S.I. 21 of 2001), in
regulation 7, for β€œUnited national Security Council Resolution” read β€œUnited Nations
Security Council Resolution”.
No. 151 of 2021
                         CENTRAL BANK OF SEYCHELLES
                        Notice for Closing of Register of Transfers
                     7% Three Year Government Treasury Bond
                      8% Five Year Government Treasury Bond
                     10% Seven Year Government Treasury Bond

The Register of Transfers maintained at the Central Bank of Seychelles in respect of the
above mentioned bond will remain closed from March 05 to March 20, 2021.
Accordingly, no transfer of the aforesaid bonds will be registered during that period.
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