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28 June 1984

Sierra Leone Government Gazette dated 1984-06-28 number 44

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                         Stem leone biette
                                            IJubtöWi Bg ¡OtWritg
VOL. CXV                                         Thursday, 28th June, 1984

                     CONTENTS                                      G.N.
G.N.                                                        Page
                                                                   405 List of Cases to be tried in the High Court—
395 Public Service Notices                           .   474-475          Port Loko ..
396-                                                               382 Notice under Rule 34 (a) of the Petroleum
398 Obituary                                                 475           Rules
402                                                                                     Ministry of Health
370-                                                               383-
371                                                                385  Nurses Board—Examination Results ..
354-                                                               366 Nurses Board—List of Mental Nurses, State
359 Declaration of Vacant Posts                              475         Certified Midwives, etc
                                                                   367 Midwives Board—State Certified Mid­
                     President’s Office                                  wives Examination, June/July, 1984 ...
403 Notice under the Public Holidays Act                     476
                                                                                          Trade Marks
                     Ministry of Defence
                                                                   T.M. No. 3       Registration of Trade Marks
361    List of unclaimed properties—Bo Police
          Station                                            476
                                                                                  Vacancies in the Public Service
                                                                      Vacancies—Assistant Superintendent of Police (Cadet
                Ministry of Energy and Power
376-                                                               Ministry of Defence; Operations Assistants—Civil Aviati
       Application for private licence to generate                 Ministry of Transport and Communications; Radio Engineer-
         electricity ..                                  476-477
                                                                   Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport and Communicati
                                                                   Assistant Airport Special Services Officer—Civil Aviati
                   Ministry of Education
                                                                   Ministry of Transport and Communications; Ground Ra
363 Invitation to Tenders—Sierra Leone/ADF                         Operator Grade III—Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport aa
       Bunumbu Teachers College Project                      477   Communications; Leading Hand Electrician—Civil Aviati«
380 Board of Governors for Secondary Schools ..          477-478   Ministry of Transport and Communications; Assistant Teds,
                                                                   nical Attendants—Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport aa
                      Ministry of Finance                          Communications; Firemen Drivers—Civil Aviation, Ministl
                                                         478-479   of Transport and Communications; Learner, Ground Radi
313 Sale of seized and unclaimed goods
                                                                   Operator—Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport and Cora
                                                                   munications; Aerodrome Officers—Civil Aviation, Ministry a
                  Ministry of Internal Affairs
                                                                   Transport and Communications; Nutritionist—Ministry a
404 Applications for the sale of Wine and Beer—
      Kailahun District                                      480   Health; Dental Nurses—Ministry of Health; Technical Office
381                                                                Grade I—Factory Inspectorate, Ministry of Labour; Airpoe
364 Applications for Licences to sell Wine, Beer                   Electrical Supervisor—Civil Aviation Department, Ministry d
      and Intoxicating Liquor—Freetown Po :•
      lice District                                      481-482   Transport and Communications.

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