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5 July 1984

Sierra Leone Government Gazette dated 1984-07-05 number 46

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                       Sierra                                                                         Gaiette
                                           IJuWtóbeU bg Jáutftorítg

VOL. CXV                                             Thursday, 5th July, 1984                                                      No.

                    CONTENTS                                                 G.N.
                                                                                             Ministry of Agriculture and Natural
G.N.                                                            Page
407 Public Service Notices                                    508-509
                                                                             394 Privatization of Oil Palm Companies
411 Obituary                                                         509
412                                                                          417-
399-                                                                         421 Citations
370-                                                                         382 Notice under Rule 34 (a) of the Petroleum
371 Declaration of Vacant Posts                                      509            Rules
                                                                             405    List of Cases to be tried in the High Court—
                Ministry of Energy and Power                                           Port Loko ..
377 Application for private licence to generate
                                                                      509                            SUPPLEMENTS
                                                                                                       Trade Marks
                   Ministry of Education                                     T.M. No. 4         Registration of Trade Marks
387 Application for admission—Makeni Teachers’
       College                                                     510                        Vacancies in the Public Service
388 Staff Vacancies—Makeni Teachers’ College ...               510-512         Vacancies—Assistant Superintendent of Police (
389 Admission to Honours Degree Courses in Law                     512       Ministry of Defence; Operations Assistants—Civil Avi
 413-                                                                        Ministry of Transpon and Communications; Radio Engi
 390-                                                                        Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport and Communi
 393                                                                         Assistant Airport Special Services Officer—Civil Aviati
 378-                                                                        Ministry of Transport and Communications; Ground
 380 Board of Governors for Secondary Schools ..               512-514
                                                                             Operator Grade III—Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport
                  Ministry of Internal Affairs                               Communications; Leading Hand Electrician—Civil Avi
 404 Applications for the sale of Wine and Beer—                             Ministry of Transport and Communications; Assistant T
       Kailahun District       ..                                     515    nical Attendants—Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport
 381 Applications for Licences to sell Wine, Beer                            Communications; Firemen Drivers—Civil Aviation, Mini
       and Intoxicating Liquor—Freetown Pot­                                 of Transport and Communications; Learner, Ground
       lice District                                                   516
                                                                             Operator—Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport and
                       Ministry of Mines                                     munications; Aerodrome Officers—Civil Aviation, Mini
 416    List of Alluvial Diamond Dealers Licences                            Transport and Communications: Nutritionist—Ministry
           issued from 1st—29th February, 1984 ...                 517-520    Health; Dental Nurses—Ministry of Health; Technical
                                                                             Grade I—Factory Inspectorate, Ministry of Labour; Ai
                        Ministry of Health                                   Electrical Supervisor—Civil Aviation Department, Minis
 385     Nurses Board—Examination Results                          520-521    Transport and Communications.

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