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1 November 1984

Sierra Leone Government Gazette dated 1984-11-01 number 71

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        tje Sierra Xeone ^a^ette
                                                                   bg autfantg

    '* »L. CXV                                 Thursday, 1st November, 1984                                               No. 71

                                                                                    PUBLIC SERVICE NOTICES
                        CONTENTS                                     Freetown. 1st November, 1984.
I •■                                                       Page
BM Public Service Notices               ...     ...     801-804      Govt. Notice No. 714
                                                                                            New Appointment
    T Obituary             ..           ..                  804
                                                                           Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service/Television
I .3 -
fT*                                                                  Boyle, Alexander Egerton, Junior Producer, 2.6.83.
â– bb-                                                                                        Acting Appointment
l#L~ Declaration of Vaeant Posts        ...      ...        804
                                                                                             Civil Aviation
                        Ministry of Finance                         Kamara, S. R., Assistant Aeronautical Communications Officer,
    "23 Detailed programme for the draw of Lottery
           Tickets     ...      ...      ...    ...     805-807     Samah, M. A., Assistant Radio Engineer, 31.8.83.

                                                                                         Geological Surveys
    ® Notice under Section 33 of the Legal Practi­
         tioners Act (Cap. 11)        ...      ...          808     Kamara, A. S., Deputy Director, 6.10.83.

    "73 High Coart Notices      ..       ..       ..        808
                                                                                             Law Officers’
                        SUPPLEMENT                                  Doe-Smith, C., Solicitor-General, 29.10.84.

                    Vacancies in the Public Service
       '■’acancies—Agricultiral Economist—Land and Water Deve-                                  Printing

    crment Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resour-    Davies, J. M., Superintendent of Press, 15.8.83.
    xs ■ Tax Officer-in-Training—Income Tax Department, Minis-
    —■ of Finance; Inspector of Taxes—Income Tax Department,
    Ministry of Finance; Senior Tax Officer—Income Tax Depart­                                 Promotion
    ment, Ministry of Finance; Ophthalmic Nurse—Ministry of
    Health; Sub Inspector of Police (Cadet) Male and Female—                           Ministry of Education
    Ministry of Defence; Savings and Loans Officer—Sierra Leone     Samai, B. A., Principal Education Officer (Planning), 1.7.84.
    Bnusing Corporation, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country                     •
    -tanning; Architect—Sierra Leone Housing Corporation, Mini-
    â– ry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning; Deputy General
    Manager—Sierra Leone Housing Corporation, Ministry of                                   Leave of Absence
    Lands, Housing and Country Planning; Internal Auditor—■                              Ministry of Health
    Terra Leone Housing Corporation, Ministry of Lands, Hou-
    â– ng and Country Planning.                                       Fadlu-Deen, Mrs. F., 214 days, 5.11.84.

                             Annual Subscription Inland Le27.00; Surface Mail Le42.00; A»r Mail Ls84.00
     To ba ¡»archased freni the Government Booksh»p, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown       Price 55c G.P. 0/605/84/2,340/10.14.
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