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5 September 2013

Sierra Leone Government Gazette dated 2013-09-05 number 43

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            The Sierra Leone Gazette
                                         Published by Authority
Vol. CXLIV                               Thursday, 5th September, 2013                                             No. 43
                                                                 G . N .                                             Page
G.N.                                              Page           172- Election Campaign period for Parliamentary
167 Public Service Notices         ...    ...   295-296
                                                                       Bye-Election in Constituency 01
168—                                                                   Kailahun District and Local Council
164 Declaration of vacant posts           ...        296               Bye-Election Ward 229 Tonkolili
                                                                       District Council ...    ...   ...       298
169­                                                             173- Appointment of Dates for the Parliamentary
170 Special Criminal Sessions             ...        297
                                                                           and Local Council Bye-Elections and
   NATIONAL ELECTORAL COMMISSION (NEC)                                     Nominations in Constituency 01
                                                                           Kailahun District and Ward 229
171-   Submission of Candidate Lists by Political                          Tonkolili District     ...   ...             298
       Parties for the purpose of Nomination
       in the Parliamentary and Local Council                          ACCOUNTANT-GENERAL’S DEPARTMENT
       Bye-Elections in Constituency 01                          162    Statement of Fiscal Operations
       Kailahun District and Ward 229
                                                                         (Consilidated Fund for the
       Tonkolili District.       ...      ...   297-298                  quarter ended 30th June, 2013          ... 299-300

Freetown. 5th September, 2013                                    Koroma, Foday, Cleaner, 2.4.12.
                                                                 Sankoh, Harriet P., Cleaner, 2.2.12.
Govt. Notice No. 167                                             Alpha, S., Marah, Community Health Officer, 2.4.12.
                       Appointment                               Chernoh, W., Jalloh, Community Health Officer, 2.4.12.
    Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security           Bangura, Sallieu, Porter, 2.4.12.
Alex, S., Fomba, Driver, 1.2.13.                                 Conteh, Sorie, Porter, 2.4.12.
Samura, Mohamed S., Electrician/Mechanic, 1.6.13.                Kawa, Foday, Porter, 2.2.12.
                                                                 Michael, Jusu, Porter, 2.4.12.
          Administrator and Registrar General                    Kallon, Francis, House Officer, 1.6.13.
Conteh, Ibrahim, Registration Officer, 1.6.13.                   Connell, Veronica, State Enrolled Community Health
Hamid, Shuaib, Registration Officer, 1.6.13.                     Nurse, 1.4.13.
Koroma, Yama I., Registration Officer, 1.6.13.                   Martha, Fatoma, State Registered Nurse, 1.9.11.
Mustapha, Fatmata, Registration Officer, 1.6.13.
Sam, Brima F., Registration Officer, 1.6.13.                             Ministry of Information and Communication
Sankoh, Abdul, Registration Officer, 1.6.13.                     Kamanor, Tamba M., Assistant IT Officer, 1.2.13.
                                                                 Cobba, James K., Chief Technology Officer, 2.1.13.
           Ministry of Health and Sanitation                     Kanu, Moseray, Driver, 1.6.13.
Fullah, Karim, Cleaner, 2.4.12.                                  Campbell, Winston R., IT Technician Level, I 1.6.13.
Janet, Damba, Cleaner, 2.4.12.                                   Francis, Freeman, IT Technician Level I, 1.6.13.
Kamara, Ibrahim T., Cleaner, 2.4.12.                             Sesay, Alamany B., IT Technician Level I, 17.1.13.
           PRINTED AND       published by the government printing department, sierra                     LEONE
                            Annual Subscription:-Inland-Le350,000.00, Overseas-Le2,750,000.00
To be purchased from the Government Bookshop, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown. Price:-Le5,000.00   G.P. 0/162/13/1,200/9.13.
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