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5 December 2013

Sierra Leone Government Gazette dated 2013-12-05 number 72

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            The Sierra Leone Gazette
                                         Published by Authority
Vol. CXLIV                               Thursday, 5th December, 2013                                             No. 72
                                                                 G.N.                                               PAGE
G.N .                                             Page                 OFFICE OF THE ADMINISTRATOR AND
302 Public Service Notices         ...    ...   715-716                       REGISTRAR GENERAL

                                                                 301    Strike-Off Notice    ...    ...    ...         717
291-    Declaration of Vacant Posts       ...        716                       BANK OF SIERRA LEONE

              HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT                                296    Proforma Balance Sheet as at
                                                                         30th September, 2013     ..........           718
298    Notice of Parliament under
        Standing Order                    ...        716         303 -304            SUPPLEMENTS                       716
                                                                       The Petroleum Regulatory Act, 2013.
299-                                                                           Constitutional Instrument
300 High Court Notices             ...    ...        717
                                                                 C.I. No. 14
295    Citation     ...    ...     ...    ...        717               The Proclamation, 2003.

Freetown. 5th December, 2013                                     Douglas, Dolice, Works Service Employee, retired on
                                                                 pension, 21.6.13.
Govt. Notice No. 302                                             Gberie, Joseph John, First Grade Clerk, retired on
                    Appointment                                  pension, 29.11.13
          Ministry of Health and Sanitation                             Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Kamara, Osman Y., Porter, 2.4.12.                                Roques, Emile G., First Grade Clerk, retired on pension,
        Left the Sierra Leone Civil Service                      25.10.13.
                   Ministry of Defence                           Mattia, Patience H., Temporary Clerical Assistant, retired
Marah, Hawa E., Nursing Assistant Aide, retired on               on pension, 2.2.13.
pension, 15.10.13.                                               Jalloh, Amadu J., Director of Planning, retired on
Kallon, Sidikie, Cleaner, retired on pension, 15.10.13.          pension, 17.6.13.
Lumba, Florence M., Second Grade Clerk, retired on                           Ministry of Health and Sanitation
pension, 29.2.12.                                                Kalokoh, Nancy Rose, Maternal and Child Health Aide,
                                                                 retired on pension, 17.8.13.
         Ministry of Energy and Water Rsources                   Kargbo, Yeabu Z., Telephone Operator, retired on
Kamara, Alusine K., Pump Attendant, retired on pension           pension, 18.10.13.
22.11.13                                                         Koroma, Alie, Porter, retired on pension 25.10.13.
Kapu, Idrissa, Foreman, retired on pension 14.4.10               Koroma, Foday M., Medical Entomological Assistant,
                                                                 retired on pension 27.8.13.
       Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources                Tarawalie, Ibrahim, Senior Security Officer, retired on
Ngegba, Michael, Carpenter, retired on pension, 21.6.13.         pension, 19.8.13.

                            Annual Subscription:-Inland-Le350,000.00, Overseas-Le2,750,000.00
To be purchased from the Government Bookshop, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown.Price:-Le5,000.00 G.P. 0/253/13/1,200/12.13.
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