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27 December 2013

Sierra Leone Government Gazette dated 2013-12-27 number 78

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            The Sierra Leone Gazette
                                                Published by Authority
Vol. CXLIV                                       Friday, 27th December, 2013                                                   No. 78
                                                                  G . N .                                                        Page
G . N .                                                    Page      NATIONAL ELECTORAL COMMISSION (NEC)
317 Public Service Notices                                  751
                                                                  311     Notice of certified final result of
                                                                           Parliamentary Candidates         .. .                    752
                            COURT                                       ACCOUNTANT-GENERAL’S DEPARTMENT
                                                                  312     Statement of receipts into and the
318   Registered Company                                    752            payments out of the Consolidated
                                                                           Fund 30th September, 2013      ...                  753-755

                                                                                    BANK OF SIERRA LEONE
                                                                  313     Proforma Balance Sheet as at
                                                                           31st October, 2013       ..........                      756
315   Appointment of Registrars of Muslim
                                                                                              Trade Marks
       Marriages and Divorces ...   ...                     752
                                                                  T.M. No. 7
                                                                                    Registration of Trade Marks

Freetown. 27th December, 2013                                                             Office   of the   President
                                                                  Samura, Fatmata B., Executive Officer, 1.12.13.
Govt. Notice No. 317
                                                                             Ministry of Water Resources
         Ministry   of   Mines   and   Mineral Resources          Koroma, Musa A., Messenger, 1.12.13.
Gbappi, Ernest B. S., Geologist, 1.11.13.
Jusu, Emmanuel T., Geologist, 1.11.13.                                      Left the Sierra Leone Civil Service
Akinbobola, Thomas K. O. Mining Engineer, 1.10.13.                      Ministry   of   Agriculture Forestry     and    Food Security
Fullah, Alhassan S. S., Mining Engineer, 1.10.13.                 Harding, Alfred, Security Guard, retired on pension,
Kallon, Isaac I. D. Mining Engineer, 1.11.13.                     24.9.13.
Kallon, Masisrrah, Mining Engineer, 30.10.13.
Kamara, Alieu, Mining Engineer, 1.11.13.                                                    Ministry of Defence
Nottidge, Arnold W., Mining Engineer, 1.11.13.                    Kanu, Sabay, Nursing Assistant Aide, 15.10.13.

           printed and published by the government printing department, sierra leone
                            Annual Subscription:-Inland-Le350,000.00, Overseas-Le2,750,000.00
To be purchased from the Government Bookshop, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown.Price:-Le5,000.00 G.P. 0/278/13/1,200/12.13.
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