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9 January 2014

Sierra Leone Government Gazette dated 2014-01-09 number 2

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                        The Sierra Leone Gazette
                                                          Published by Authority
Vol. CXLV                                                   Thursday, 9th January, 2014                                                        No. 2
                                                                               G.N.                                                            Page
G.N.                                                               Page            MINISTRY OF LANDS, COUNTRY PLANNING AND
6    Public Service Notices ...                            ...           5-6                   THE ENVIRONMENT

2       Declaration of vacant post                         ...             6   5        Survey Plan of Parliament ...                                 8

                  OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT
                                                                               7-8                        SUPPLEMENTS                                 6
3       Day to be observed as Public Holiday                               6
                                                                                       The Produce Monitoring Board Act, 2013.
318 Registered Company ...                                  ...            6
                                                                                       The  Constitution   of  Sierra                  Leone
                      BANK OF SIERRA LEONE                                              (Amendment) Act, 2013.

4       Proforma Balance Sheet as at                                                                        Trade Marks
         30th November, 2013         .......... 7
                                                                               T.M. No. 2
                                                                                                     Registration of Trade Marks

Freetown. 9th January, 2014                                                                          Ministry   of   Water Resources
                                                                               Amara, Augustine S., Water Mapping Assistant, 1.8.13.
Govt. Notice No. 6                                                             Conteh, Amara S., Water Mapping Assistant, 1.8.13.

                             Appointment                                                                    Interdiction
     Ministry   of   Agriculture, Forestry       and   Food Security                                             Judiciary
Conteh, Salamatu, Stenographer Grade II, 1.8.13.                               Sesay, Marnoh Paunga, Deputy Master and Registrar,
                  Ministry   of   Health   and   Sanitation
Moiwo, Emmanuel H., Nursing Aide, 1.7.??                                                                 Prisons Department
                                                                               Conteh, Alie, 2325 Third Class Prison Officer, 10.4.12.
                       Ministry   of Internal    Affairs
Brainard, Juliana V., First Grade Clerk, 1.1.12.                                            Left the Sierra Leone Civil Service
                                                                                     Ministry   of   Agriculture, Forestry    and   Food Security
       Ministry   of   Labour Employment         and   Social Security         Maxwell, Sheku Bockarie, Agricultural Instructor Grade
    Mahio, Samuella S., Human Resource Officer, 1.8.13.                        I, retired on pension, 17.3.13.
                                                                               Kamara, Adama F., Assistant Director, retired on
      Office   of the   Administrator      and   Registrar General             pension, 14.2.13.
Kandeh, Susan T., Registration Officer, 1.7.13.                                Mansaray, Francis A., Agricultural Instructor, retired
                                                                               on pension, 11.10.13.
                         Office   of the   President                           Conteh, Patrick Lamin, Agricultural Technician, retired
Jabbie, Abu Bakarr, Cook, 1.5.13.                                              on pension, 11.10.13.

                                     Annual Subscription:-Inland-Le350,000.00, 0verseas-Le2,750,000.00
          To be purchased from the Government Bookshop, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown. Price:-Le5,000.00 G.P. 0/1/14/1,200/1.14.
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