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23 January 2014

Sierra Leone Government Gazette dated 2014-01-23 number 6

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                     The Sierra Leone Gazette
                                                     Published by Authority
Vol. CXLV                                             Thursday, 23 rd January, 2014                                                  No. 6
                                                                          G.N.                                                        Page
G.N.                                                           Page                              SUPPLEMENT
13 Public Service Notices ...                         ...      19-20

                              COURT                                                                 Trade Marks
14­                                                                       T.M. No. 4
16 Registration of Trade Union                        . ••           20                  Registration of Trade Marks

Freetown. 23rd January, 2014                                              Koroma, Alimatu, Programme Officer, 1.10.13.
                                                                          Gbateh, Moses, Programme Officer M and E., 1.10.13.
Govt. Notice No. 13
                                                                                         Ministry   of   Health   and   Sanitation
                            Appointment                                   Koroma, Mariama, Human Resource Officer, 1.8.13.
   Ministry   of   Agriculture, Forestry       and   Food Security        Bah, Amadu, House Officer, 1.11.13.
Juana, Mattu, Driver, 1.9.13.                                             Babalola, Olawale A., House Officer, 1.11.13.
                         Cabinet Secretariat
                                                                          Ceesay, Isatou K., House Officer, 1.11.13.
                                                                          David, Ifeolu J., House Officer, 1.11.13.
Bangura, Salifu A., Human Resource Officer, 1.8.13
                                                                          Kanu, James K., House Officer, 1.11.13.
                   Civil Service Training College                         Sesay, Brima M., House Officer, 1.11.13.
Conteh, Matthew M., Assistant Lecturer, 30.9.13.                          Suma, Foday B., House Officer, 1.11.13.
Conteh, Bayala S., Assistant Lecturer, 30.9.13.                           Thorpe, Joseph F., House Officer, 1.11.13.
Konteh, Abdulai, Lecturer, 30.9.13.                                       Thompson, Frederick T., House Officer, 1.11.13.
Fofanah, Ibrahim M., Assistant Lecturer, 30.9.13.                         Ansumana, Mustapha, Laboratory Technician, 1.7.13.
Jones, Dennis, Lecturer, 30.9.13.                                         Jalloh, Abdulai, Laboratory Technician, 1.8.13.
Massaquoi, Edwin Kpana, Lecturer, 30.9.13.                                Jalloh, Kadijatu, Laboratory Technician, 1.7.13.
Taylor, Mohamed, Registrar, 30.9.13.                                      Kamara, Fatmata, Laboratory Technician, 1.7.13.
                                                                          Kanu, Manda, Laboratory Technician, 1.7.13.
                         Ministry   of   Defence                          Konteh, Kanko G., Laboratory Technician, 1.7.13.
Kainessie, Sahr, Photo Journalist, 1.11.13.                               Koroma, Christiana, Laboratory Technician, 1.7.13.
                                                                          Sesay, Morie Y., Laboratory Technician, 1.7.13.
       Ministry    of   Finance   and   Economic Development              Siaffa, Massah, Laboratory Technician, 1.8.13.
Dumbuya, Abu F., Human Resource Officer, 1.8.13.                          Tengbeh, Priscillia, Laboratory Technician, 1.7.13.
                                                                          Bangura, Fatmata, State Enrolled Community Health
                         Ministry   of   Energy                           Nurse, 1.7.13.
Suma, Foday Lansana, Head of Rural Energy, 1.10.13.                       Conteh, Zainab, State Enrolled Community Health Nurse,
Mansaray, Rodin F., Head of Renewable Energy, 1.11.13.                    1.7.13.
Lawson, Samuel, Human Resource Officer, 1.8.13.                           Conteh, Mariam, State Enrolled Community Health
Kamara, Shebora O., Programme Officer M and E.,                           Nurse, 1.7.13.

                                    Annual Subscription:-Inland-Le350,000.00, 0verseas-Le2,750,000.00
        To be purchased from the Government Bookshop, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown. Price:-Le5,000.00 G.P. 0/13/14/1,200/2.14.
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