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22 May 2014

Sierra Leone Government Gazette dated 2014-05-22 number 28

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            The Sierra Leone Gazette
                                                     Published by Authority
Vol. CXLV                                                  Thursday, 22nd May, 2014                                                    No. 28
                                                                         G . N .                                                        Page
G.N.                                                           Page      134     Notice on destruction of obsolete
                                                                                  Electoral Materials     ...     ...                      214
132   Public Service Notices             ...         ...     213-2 14

                                                                         78      Nomination of Local Council Candidates
                                                                                  in Ward 300 Moyamba District ...                            215

133   Submission of Candidate lists by Political
                                                                         79      Nomination of Local Council Candidates
       Parties for the Purpose of Nomination
       in the Local Council Bye-Election in                                       in Ward 251 Bo District ...    ...                          216
       Ward 300 in the Moyamba District          218

Freetown 22nd May, 2014                                                  Mansaray, Noah Bockarie, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
                                                                         Mansaray, Mariama, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
Govt. Notice No. 132                                                     Moiwa, Sylvester Lansana, Pharmacy Technician,
                         Appointment                                     Sellu, John S., Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
             Constitutional Review Committee                             Sesay, Allieu, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4. 14.
Kargbo, Hassan, Driver, 1.4.14.                                          Sheriff, Muctarr, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
Kargbo, Sorie, Driver, 1.4.14.                                           Williams, Comfort, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.

      Ministry   of   Finance   and   Economic Development                                       Judiciary Department
Ganda, Peter, Senior Policy Analyst, 1.4.14.                             Kargbo, Osman, Gardener, 1.5.13.
                                                                         Kanu, Santigie, Messenger, 1.1.13.
            Ministry     of   Health    and    Sanitation                Sanda, Saffa, Messenger, 1.10.13.
Bangura, Daniel Solomon, inspecting Pharmacist,
1.4.14.                                                                       Ministry   of   Lands, Country Planning       and   Environment
Borboh, Paul Tambah, Inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.                      Kamara, Manama, Third Grade Clerk, 1.5.14.
Jusu, Morrison Oliver, Inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.                    Turay, Mabinty R., Third Grade Clerk, 1.5.14.
Kabbah, John Alimamy, Inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.
Kallon, Ahmed Flagbata, Inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.                         Ministry   of   Labour Employment     and    Social Security
Kanu, Sulaiman, Inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.                           Bustscher, Benson C., Labour Officer, 1.4.14.
Koroma, Ibrahim Foday, Inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.                    Kamara, Noah, Inspector of Factories, 1.4.14.
Lahai, Francis, Inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.
Sebba, Bondu, inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.                                                    Office   of the   President
Bayoh, umu, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.                                 Tarawally, Abdulai, Photographer (Cameraman), 1.11.12.
Campbell, Winstona E., Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
Fadika, Fatima, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.                              Ministry   of   Social Welfare Gender       and   Children’s Affairs
Fofanah, Ibrahim Sorie, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.                     Rogers, Bashiru M., Senior Social Service Officer, 1.4.14.
Jalloh, Mohamed, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.                            Sheriff, Alhaji, Senior Social Service Officer, 1.4.14.
Kalokoh, ibrahim, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
Kamara, Timothy Foday, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.                                           Ministry   of   Water Resources
Koroma, Etta, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.                               Khassay, Mohamed, Driver, 1.12.13.

           printed and published by the government printing department, sierra leone
                            Annual Subscription:-Inland-Le350,000.00, 0verseas-Le2,750,000.00
To be purchased from the Government Bookshop, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown. Price:-Le5,000.00 G.P. 0/117/14/1,200/5.14.
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