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10 July 2014

Sierra Leone Government Gazette dated 2014-07-10 number 37

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                 The Sierra Leone Gazette
                                                           Published by Authority
 Vol. CXLV                                                       Thursday, 10th July, 2014                                              No. 37
                                                                                G . N .                                                   Page
G.N.                                                                 Page             MINISTRY OF FINANCE AND ECONOMIC
163     Public Service Notices                ...          ...     353-354
      MINISTRY OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND                                          167 Supplementary List of Containers,
              RURAL DEVELOPMENT                                                      Vehicles and Loosed Cargo
                                                                                     at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay...                  355-358
159     Recognition of John Obey as a Village with
        Black Johnson as a sub-village under it                                       ACCOUNTANT-GENERAL’S DEPARTMENT
        in the Western Area Rural District of                                   168    Statement of receipts into and the
        Sierra Leone       ...  ...             354                                     payments out of the Consolidated
                                                                                        Fund 31st January, 2014        ...              359-360
                                                                                164                    SUPPLEMENT                           354
160     Joint National Negotiating Board                                                                      Act
        (JNNB Notice of a New National
                                                                                      The Criminal Procedure Act, 2014.
         Minimum Wage      ...    ...                                  354

Freetown 10th July, 2014                                                                    Ministry   of   Health   and   Sanitation
                                                                                Vandy, Alren Onikeh Nandawa, House Officer, 10.9.14.
Govt. Notice No. 163                                                            Caulker, Amanda F., Inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.
                                                                                Jalloh, Mohamed, Inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.
                               Appointment                                      Kabba, Alpha, inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.
      Ministry   of   Agriculture Forestry          and   Food Security         Kallon, Joyce M., Inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.
Kayineh, Sahr Joseph, Senior Planning and Budgeting                             Kalokoh, ibrahim, inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.
Officer, 1.4.14.                                                                Koroma, Bockarie, inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.
                                                                                Serry, Samuel H., Inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.
                      Civil Service Training College                            Turay, Saio, inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.
Foday, Sahr, Assistant Lecturer, 30.9.13.                                       Williams, Jude N., inspecting Pharmacist, 1.4.14.
Kanu, Philip J., Senior Lecturer, 30.9.13.                                      Kamara, osman Y., Porter, 2.4.12.
                                                                                Bayoh, umu, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
                  Constitutional Review Committee                               Campbell, Winstona E., Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
Kargbo, Musa, Driver, 1.4.14.                                                   Fofanah, ibrahim S., Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
Kamara, unisa, Driver, 1.4.14.                                                  Kamara, Hassan D., Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
                                                                                Kamara, Timothy F., Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
         Ministry     of   Finance   and   Economic Development                 Kargbo, Pamela F., Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
Yovuwa, Margaret N., Executive Officer, 2.1.13.                                 Koroma, Baba, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
Lamin, Brima, Driver, 1.4.14.                                                   Kpundeh, Mathew M., Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
Bangura, Moses B., Senior internal Auditor, 1.4.14.                             Mackie, Mahmoud, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
                                                                                Manley, Jennifer M., Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
 Ministry   of   Foreign Affairs       and   International Cooperation          Mansaray, Mariama, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
Kamara, Abu Bakarr, Messenger, 1.4.14.                                          Meindy, Mary, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
Bangura, Josephine, Translator/Interpreter (Chinese),                           Sellu, John S., Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
1.11.12.                                                                        Sheriff, Muctarr, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.
                                                                                Williams, Comfort, Pharmacy Technician, 1.4.14.

                            Annual Subscription:-Inland-Le350,000.00, 0verseas-Le2,750,000.00
To be purchased from the Government Bookshop, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown. Price:-Le5,000.00 G.P. 0/29/14/1,200/7.14,
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