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17 July 2014

Sierra Leone Government Gazette dated 2014-07-17 number 39

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                 The Sierra Leone Gazette
                                                           Published by Authority
 Vol. CXLV                                                       Thursday, 17th July, 2014                                   No. 39
                                                                                G . N .                                        Page
G.N.                                                                 Page

170     Public Service Notices                ...          ...     363-364      171                SUPPLEMENTS                    364

                 DEVELOPMENT                                                                             Bill

                                                                                      The Borrowers and Lenders Act, 2014.
167 Supplementary List of Containers,
     Vehicles and Loosed Cargo                                                                      Trade Marks
     at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay...                             365-368
                                                                                T.M. No. 7
       ACCOUNTANT-GENERAL’S DEPARTMENT                                                       Registration of Trade Marks
168     Statement of receipts into and the
         payments out of the Consolidated
         Fund 31st January, 2014        ...                        369-370

Freetown 17th July, 2014                                                        Foday, Elizabeth Jenneh, Laboratory Technician, 1.3.13.
                                                                                Tengbeh, Jacob Sahr, Laboratory Technician, 1.3.13.
Govt. Notice No. 170                                                            Sorsor, Hajaratu, Laboratory Technician, 1.3.13.
                                                                                Koroma, Fatorma, Porter, 2.4.12.
                               Appointment                                      Sesay, Fatmata, Porter, 2.4.12.
      Ministry   of   Agriculture Forestry          and   Food Security         Turay, Bintu, Porter, 2.4.12.
Conteh, Mohamed, Driver, 17.7.12.                                               Bangura, Adisatu, State Enrolled community Health
Kamara, Benjamin, Driver, 1.2.13.                                               Nurse, 2.4.12.
                                                                                Kanu, Fatmata Baby, State Enrolled community Health
         Ministry     of   Finance   and   Economic Development                 Nurse, 1.7.13.
Samura, Joshua, Driver, 29.5.12.                                                Kanu, Mariama M., State Enrolled community Health
                                                                                Nurse, 2.4.12.
        Ministry      of   Education, Science       and   Technology            Kargbo, Salamatu, State Enrolled community Health
Mansaray, Milton Pearce, Director of Education                                  Nurse, 2.4.12.
Programme, 17.12.12.                                                            Koroma, Rebecca Kula, State Enrolled community Health
Bakarr, Abu Sheik Umaru, Supervisor of Schools, 1.2.13.                         Nurse, 1.7.13.
                                                                                Lahai, Rosaline Mamie, State Enrolled community Health
                 Ministry     of   Health    and    Sanitation                  Nurse, 1.7.13.
Amara, Etta, cleaner, 2.4.12.                                                   Sannoh, Tenneh isata, State Enrolled community Nurse,
Tarawally, Osman, Driver, 1.2.13.                                               2.4.12.
Bawoh, Mohamed, Inspecting Pharmacist, 14.8.12.                                 Vibbie, Musa, State Enrolled community Health Nurse,
coomber, Moinya Ruth, Laboratory Technician, 24.7.12.                           2.4.12.

           PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY the government printing department, SIERRA LEONE
                            Annual Subscription:-Inland-Le350,000.00, Overseas-Le2,750,000.00
To be purchased from the Government Bookshop, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown. Price:-Le5,000.00 G.P. 0/45/14/1,200/7.14,
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