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14 August 2014

Sierra Leone Government Gazette dated 2014-08-14 number 43

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              The Sierra Leone Gazette
                                                 Published by Authority
Vol. CXLV                                          Thursday, 14ti4 August, 2014                                             No. 43
                                                                   G . N .                                                   Page
G . N .                                                   Page
190 Public Service Notices           ...          . ..   393-394

                                                                   1 79­
                                                                   180 Magistrate Court’s Notices...                  ...   396-398

189    High Court’s Notices            ...        . ..   394-395

Freetown 14th        August, 2014                                               Constitutional Review Committee
                                                                   Dumbuya, Abdulai, Driver, 1.3.14.
Govt. Notice No. 190                                               Kamara, Foday, Driver, 1.3.14.
                                                                   Kamara, Sorie, Driver, 1.3.14.
                                                                   Kargbo, Gibrilla R., Driver, 1.3.14.
              Accountant General Department
                                                                   Kargbo, Hassan, Driver, 1.3.14.
Bangura, Nabieu, Driver, 1.5.14.
                                                                   Kargbo, Sorie, Driver, 1.3.14.
   Ministry   of   Agriculture, Forestry   and   Food Security     Samura, Morlai, Driver, 1.3.14.
Mammah, Joe, Agricultural Extension Officer, 1.4.14.               Tucker, Abdul-Rahman J., Driver, 1.3.14.
Sesay, Alimamy R., Agricultural Extension Officer,
1.4.14.                                                                  Ministry   of   Education Science    and   Technology
Hoodie, Jeremiah Sonny Mundalo, Agricultural Officer,              Bangura, Elizabeth Y., Third Grade Clerk, 1.6.14.
1.4.14.                                                            Mansaray, David S., Third Grade Clerk, 1.6.14.
Mabey-Tongor, Prince, Assistant Conservator of Forest,
1.4.14.                                                                                   Ministry   of   Energy
Kamara, Saeed, Irrigation Engineer, 1.4.14.                        Sesay, Bai, Driver, 1.7.14.
Josiah, Sahr E. M., Livestock Assistant, 1.5.14.                   Sesay, Saio, Executive Officer, 1.7.14.
Conteh, Amara F., Livestock Assistant, 1.5.14.
Sillah, Fatmata Juliana, Land Resources Officer, 1.4.14.                                  Ministry of Defence
Sandy, Abdul, Laboratory Technician, 1.4.14.                       Bangura, Fatmata, State Enrolled Community Health
Moray, Peter J., Mechanical Engineer, 1.4.14.                      Nurse, 1.7.14.
Kamara, Momoh, Statistician, 1.4.14.                               Kaisam, Victoria B., State Enrolled Community Health
Bangura, Margaret M., Statistician, 1.4.14.                        Nurse, 1.7.14.
Allieu, Victor H., Senior Planning and Budget Officer,             Kamara, Salamatu F., State Enrolled Community Health
1.4.14.                                                            Nurse, 1.7.14.
Keikura, Francis A., Senior Monitoring and Evaluation              Margay, Esther, State Enrolled Community Health Nurse,
Officer, 1.4.14.                                                   1.7.14.
Blackie, Edward Paul Peter, Senior Monitoring and                  Moriba, Kadiatu, State Enrolled Community Health Nurse,
Evaluation Officer, 1.4.14.                                        1.7.14.

                            Annual Subscription:-Inland-Le350,000.00, 0verseas-Le2,750,000.00
To be purchased from the Government Bookshop, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown. Price:-Le5,000.00 G.P. 0/78/14/1,200/8.14,
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