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11 December 2014

Sierra Leone Government Gazette dated 2014-12-11 number 68

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                 The Sierra Leone Gazette
                                                       Published by Authority
Vol. CXLV                                              Thursday, 11th December, 2014                                                No. 68
                                                                             G . N .                                                 Page
G.N.                                                                 Page
251   Public Service Notices                ...         ...      529-530                                    COURT
             OF SIERRA LEONE                                                 245   High Court Notice                  ...     ...      530

252   Members of medical and Dental
                                                                                   ACCOUNTANT-GENERAL’S DEPARTMENT
       Council of Sierra Leone-May 2014
       to April 2017         ...    ...                                530   248    Statement of receipts into and the
                                                                                     payments out of the Consolidated
             SLICOM INSURANCE BROKERS                                                Fund 31st October, 2014.     531-532
244   Licensed and Registered Brokers
       in 2014        ...     ...                              530

Freetown 11th December, 2014                                                 Gray, victoria F., Nutritionist, 1.9.14.
                                                                             Kappia, Mutivah, Nutritionist, 1.9.14.
Govt. Notice No. 251                                                         Koroma, Kadiatu M., Nutritionist, 1.9.14.
                                                                             Manyeh, Sia Ann M., Nutritionist, 1.9.14.
                            Appointment                                      Pratt, Josiah N. A., Nutritionist, 1.9.14.

                         Ministry   of    Energy
Kamara, Hassan B., Higher Executive Officer, 1.10.14.                           Ministry   of   Local Government and Rural Development
                                                                                                   District Office Kenema
      Ministry     of   Finance   and   Economic Development                 Bangura, Ibrahim H., Labourer, 1.9.14.
Koroma, Aruna, Driver, 1.7.14.                                               Thullah, Ibrahim, Labourer, 1.9.14.

 Ministry   of   Foreign Affairs    and   International Cooperation                         National Registration Secretariat
Thoronka, Tamba, Messenger, 1.4.14.                                          Samura, Kadiatu, Third Grade Clerk, 1.7.14.

                 Ministry   of   Health   and     Sanitation                                    Ministry   of   Water Resources
Boima, Margaret, Assistant Nutritionist, 1.9.14.                             Kargbo, Ibrahim, Driver, 1.7.14.
Thomas, Tonia E., Assistant Nutritionist, 1.9.14.                            Kamara, Mohamed, Messenger, 1.7.14.
Koroma, Kelfala, Laboratory Assistant, 1.9.14.                               Kamara, Mohamed M., Messenger, 1.7.14.
Mansaray, N’mah M., Laboratory Assistant, 1.9.14.                            Kamara, Santigie, Messenger, 1.7.14.
Mason, Elizabeth K., Laboratory Assistant, 1.9.14.                           Mansaray, Ibrahim, Messenger, 1.7.14.
Siebo, Mohamed K., Laboratory Assistant, 1.9.14.                             Sanga, Jusu, Messenger, 1.7.14.
Coker, Nusratu, Nutritionist, 1.9.14.                                        Bockarie, Aiah A., Third Grade clerk, 1.7.14.
Cole, Christiana A., Nutritionist, 1.9.14.                                   sam, sahr, Third Grade clerk, 1.7.14.

                            Annual Subscription:-Inland-Le350,000.00, 0verseas-Le2,750,000.00
To be purchased from the Government Bookshop, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown. Price:-Le5,000.00 G.P. 0/157/14/1,200/12.14
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