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17 June 1983

Swaziland Government Gazette dated 1983-06-17 number 227

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                             SUPPLEMENT TO




       VOL. XXI]                 MBABANE,Friday, June 17th., 1983                           [No. 227


No.                                                                                                        Page

                                         PART A — BILLS

 4.   The Road Safety Council Bill, 19830 ww ow. cesee sees state seen seve nett atte sete sone anne att    Sl
                                  PART C — LEGAL NOTICES

39.   The Central Bank of Swaziland Statement of Assets and Liabilities as at
      BOth April, 1983ie eee cee sees atte ste set setts cnet ste stay settee seit nce ne senna             S5
40.   Appointment of the Manzini Valuation Court 0. 0. ee cece sete vee snes sete tect sense sete           56
41.   The Stock Disease Regulations, 1933 — The Dipping of Stock Notice, 1983 0. 0. W..                     s7

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