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21 June 1985

Swaziland Government Gazette dated 1985-06-21 number 368

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                                     SUPPLEMENT TO

                      SWAZILAND GOVERNMENT

                  VOL, XXIIIj              MBABANE,Friday, June 21st., 1985                      [No. 368


         No.                                                                                                      Page

                                          PART C — LEGAL NOTICES

         68.   The Aviation (Amendment) Regulations, 1985 .0.. 2. crew we ene nme nee meee cet ee ee                S1
         69,   The Prices of Butter and Cheese Notice, 1985 2. cn cic wens cee. cusse smeee eves tne seneenseee     87

                                          PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY

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