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6 December 1985

Swaziland Government Gazette dated 1985-12-06 number 409

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              (GOVERNMENT (GAZETTE
       VOL. XXII]             MBABANE,Friday, December 6th., 1985                               [No. 409

                                         CONTENTS ©

No.                                                                                                             Page

                                    - MISCELLANEOUS

                               OBITUARY         one ces cesee sete sntse stent sacs sass sense teat stene ete    890
                               ADVERTISEMENTS                (oon coc ce ccs see sts tts ste                     891

                               CONTENTS OF SUPPLEMENT

                              PART C — LEGAL NOTICES

133.   The Regulation of Wages (Building and Construction Industry) Order, 1985. ...... .....                    a
135,   Termination of the Appointment of the Authorized Person               0. wis wun                          S8

                              PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY

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