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28 March 1986

Swaziland Government Gazette dated 1986-03-28 number 431

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                (GOVERNMENT (GAZETTE

      VOL. XXIV]                           MBABANE,Friday, March 28th., 1986                                             [No. 431


No.                                                                                                                                      Page

                                                   GENERAL NOTICES

13.   Appointment of Poundimaster                     on ck eck cece sasse setts sete sete sense antes seeet tutte nnaee snuat snes      1112
14.   The Central Bank of Swaziland Order, 1974 — Coronation Commemorative
      CORTES   eee ese esse ete sense stnte sete sat anne sane sense sents tne sntay taunt etst saint antes sents satay set enue         1112
15.   Appointment of Marriage OFPCer                       un. we cee cess sents cette ceeut tnten tate tare ne sates sateen             1113


      Notice of Applications under the Road Transportation Proclamation, 1963                                            _..... ......   1114
                                                OBITUARYooocee cee sesvete satseth satus tunes patane                                    1121
                                  ADVERTISEMENTS oon.cece. cess sess atte sstse setst setts stsas sents see                              1122

                                            CONTENTS OF SUPPLEMENT
                                                      PART A — BILLS

 8.   The Financial Institutions (Consolidation) (Amendment) Bill, 1986... .W. .. ..... nee                                               $1

                                         PUBLISHED BY. AUTHORITY

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