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8 May 1987

Swaziland Government Gazette dated 1987-05-08 number 516

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              (GOVERNMENT (GAZETTE
        VOL. XXV]                  MBABANE,Friday, May 8th., 1987.                             [No. 516



                                         GENERAL NOTICES

165.   Corrigendum-Notice Regarding Confirmation and Admission to Permanent and
       Pensionable Establishment of Officers in the Civil Service 22. ik cece sue canes snes se                   274
23.    Authorisation of Change of Surmame 20 ou. ne cee see cane cee cneee sents tna antes senee ene              274
       Conferment of Honours Notice, 1987 ic.ce see csnee sete sss snes sate seen sttne cette acste               275


       Notice of Applications under the Road Transportation Proclamation, 1963                         __.....    276

                                 CONTENTS OF SUPPLEMENT
                                 PART C — LEGAL NOTICES

 29.   Appointment of Members of the Mental Health Board 0. 20. oo cose cue setae stem sme

 30.   Levy on Milk and Dairy Products Regulations, 1987              (on. in. ce case ceuee sens stnee sree
 31.   The Workmen’s Compensation (Amendment) Regulations, 1987 00. ese cee sauce sue

                                   PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY
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