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10 November 1987

Swaziland Government Gazette dated 1987-11-10 number 559

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                (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
       VOL. XXV]             MBABANE,Tuesday, November 10th., 1987                                [No. 559


No.                                                                                                          Page

                                      PART B — ACTS

  2.     The Tribunal Decree, 1987)   .. WW uu...         -       desea snsee sneee   vena cnet seten ssn     Si
  3.     The Protection of the Person of the Ndlovukati
                                                      ti(Amendment) Decree, 1987 vest se.                     84
  4.     The Sedition and Subversive Activities (Amendment) Decree, 1987              one cs cece coe         85

                               PART C — LEGAL NOTICES

108.    Revocation of Appointment of Members of the Minerals Committee 0.ne one wm                            S6
109.    Appointment of Members of the Minerals Committee         2 nk ape meee eee eee          cee on        87
110.    Notice of Meeting of the Electoral College   (in, ne mes cn cee cence seme cuete snse ee ste          $8

                               PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY
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