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11 September 1992

Swaziland Government Gazette dated 1992-09-11 number 899

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                  GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
VOL. XXX]                                MBABANE,Friday, September 11th, 1992                                      [No. 899


No.                                                                                                                  Page

71.   Notice ofIntention to submit Wages Regulation Proposals ............-:-ssssssssssesseecsesenesusessnsoneeennennes 1460

                                             ADVERTISEMENTS                                                          1461

                                       CONTENTS OF SUPPLEMENT
                                          PART C - LEGAL NOTICES
94.   The Swaziland Institute of Accountants (Amendment) Bye-Laws, 1992 0... sessessnscseeneeseseeoeenSi

95.   Maximum Wholesale and Retail Prices of Bread Notice, 1992                                                         S2
96.   Exemption of The Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) and The

      Swaziland Government                                                                                               S3

97.   Appointment of Commissioner of Oaths                                                                              S4

                                            PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY

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