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13 March 1998

Swaziland Government Gazette dated 1998-03-13 number 337

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                GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
      VOL. XXXVI]                  MBABANE,Friday, March 13th., 1998                      [No. 337

No.                                                                                                  Page

                                         GENERAL NOTICES

14. Authorization of Change of Surname Notice                                                  we     192
15. Authorization of Change of Surname Notice                                         wee             192
16. Notice Regarding Confirmation and Admission of Officers to Permanent and Pensionable
    Establishment in the Civil Service Board                                                          193


      First National Bank of Swaziland Limited Balance Sheet at 30 September, 1997...............     196

                                        ADVERTISEMENTS.                                               197

                                     PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY
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