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18 September 1998

Swaziland Government Gazette dated 1998-09-18 number 402

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               (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
      VOL. XXXVI]                 MBABANE,Friday, September 18th., 1998                                [No. 402


No.                                                                                                               Page

                                          GENERAL NOTICES

168. Authorization of Change of Sumame Notice                                                                     1000

169. Authorization of Change of Surname Notice

170. Authorization of Change of Surname Notice                                                                    1001

171. Authorization of Change of Surname Notice.......                                                             1001

                                           ADVERTISEMENTS.........-sesssssssssersssssessssennsaesseseanenesasts   1002

                                    CONTENTS OF SUPPLEMENT
                                     PART C- LEGAL NOTICES

124. Corrigendum - The Commission of Enquiry Into the Auction of Properties By Mbabane
     City Council Notice, 1998                                                                                     Sl

121. Rates for Discounts, Rediscounts and Advances Notice                                                          82

122. Appointment of Member of Lubombo District Farm Dwellers Tribunal Notice .........:.cssssseoe                   82

123. The Central Bank of Swaziland Statement ofAssets and Liabilities as at 31st July, 1998...........             S3

125. The Establishment of the Management Development Special Fund, 1998..............-..:0                         SS

126. The Stock Disease (Rabies No. 4) Regulations, 1998

                                     PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY
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