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30 October 1998

Swaziland Government Gazette dated 1998-10-30 number 413

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                                                                                                             31 ly

                          (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
      VOL. XXXVI]                    MBABANE,Friday, October 30th., 1998                            [No. 413


No.                                                                                                        Page

                                           GENERAL NOTICES

179. The Manzini Municipal Parking Bye-Laws, 1998 oo... eee ce ceeeeceneseeeeneessuevteeteenee             1110


Swaziland National Provident Fund Lidlelantfongeni...........0...000 seeseceaeeesseneecesnearantaceaneas   1119

                                            ADVERTISEMENTS ..0.....ecececcecsesccesseseeseesseesneones     1121

                                     CONTENTS OF SUPPLEMENT

                                      PART C - LEGAL NOTICES

136. The Prescription of Statutory Salaries and Allowances Notice, 1998 oc ceesceseeeeee                     Sl

                                     PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY
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