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18 February 1977

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1977-02-18 number 815

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                  SUPPLEMENT TO

        VOL. XV]               MBABANE,Friday, February 18th., 1977                                      [No. 815



                                   PART C — LEGAL NOTICES
      The Stock Diseases (Rabies) (No. 1) Regulations, 1977 20.0             on.   ne     eet                          ee       $1
10.   The Fixation of Butter and Cheese Prices Regulations, 1977 was.                     ome   seme    seen   taete   tu-      82
11.   The Postal (Amendment) (No. 1) Regulations, 1977               (2      sme   meme   mene          ees    wees    anne     83
12.   Date of Coming into Force of the Prescribed Remuneration of members of
      the Armed Forces as Provided for in Legal Notice No. 3 of 1977 2. oon cesue sssee                        enoe             85
13.   Exemption: from Obligation to Pay Transfer Duty 0.             cece    css   cme    cnn   ee      cen    teuee   tees     S6
14,   Designation of Exemption from Stamp Duty           2.    2     eee                  eee   cree                            S87
15.   Exemption from Normal Tax 2.ce              cece   wee   cee   cerns   ce    ener         tenes   etn    nee              S8

                                PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY

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