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25 June 1982

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1982-06-25 number 169

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                                SUPPLEMENT TO

                 VOL. XX]              MBABANE,Friday, June 25th, 1982                         [No. 169.


No.                                                                                                                 Page

                                    PART C — LEGAL NOTICES

52.   The Industrial Court Rules, 19820000 ou. cee ce sete ste seen tee nee vecet teee sates nn state neue senee       Si
53.   The Industrial Relations Regulations, 1982                                                                     $11
54.   The Essential Services Notice, 1982 oo. cic. cee ese sce setecones seeee cutee suneue cette ents sttee greet tet S15
55.   The Employment Act (Date of Commencement) (Other Provisions) Notice, 1982.....                                 $16
58.   The Industrial Relations Act (Date of Commencement) Notice, 1982 ... .... seeee seen seee S17
59.   Appointments of the Manzini Valuation Court 0. occ oc cese cence setee sence sant sense ater setae seu $18

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