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22 July 1983

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1983-07-22 number 233

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                           SUPPLEMENT TO




      VOL. XXT}              MBABANE, Friday, July 22nd., 1983.                                  [No. 233


No.                                                                                                                   Page

                                       PART A — BILLS
5.    The Swaziland Railway Loans Bill, 1983...        este see              seeeth sence satan seta cette ssh sete    Sl
                                PART C — LEGAL| NOTICES
55.   The Regulation of Wages (Hotel and Catering Trades) Order, 1983 oo. ie ene cee sso                                83
56.   The Regulation of Wages (Watchingas
                                        and Protective Services Industry) Order,

57.   Appointment Of Commissioners Of Oaths       oie ssa cssce sostse seem stsne stsee sent sttte sotee ratte see     S16

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