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23 September 1983

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1983-09-23 number 246

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                          SUPPLEMENT TO



      VOL. XXI]            MBABANE,Friday, September 23rd., 1983                                               [No. 246



                                  PART C — LEGAL NOTICES

76.   Appointment of Magistrate    on. ck ces cscs snes cress sree seens see seston sites pense tree snes suene sens nent           S1
78.   Appointment of Acting Deputy Attorney-General                    destee snes cena setee tanect sna sense wunee wnsee atte     $2
79.   Appointment of Acting Deputy Commissioner of Prisons                         on. wi, ee soon cece teace seen pene             83
80.   Appointment of Acting Commissioner of Prisons .                       eset                    esse tnnse antes tsese sata     S4
81.   The King’s Proclamation (Confirmation of Amendment) Decree, 1983 wu cen smi snus se                                           $5
82.   Removal from Office of Permanent Secretary ...                   eeee;

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