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24 February 1984

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1984-02-24 number 275

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                            SUPPLEMENT TO




      VOL. XXII)             MBABANE,Friday, February 24th., 1984                                [No. 275



                                          PART B— ACTS
      Corrigendum — The Employment Act, 1980 2. cs. cece sve sss snten cueen sste sete geene enn sae                     Si
                                   PART C — LEGAL NOTICE
75.   Corrigendum — The Employment Regulations, 1984                      oe eee cess seete tenes eee cette vntee        82
10.   The Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation Directors’ Fees Notice, 1984                           ou. wu.           83
11.   Designation of Licencing Officers      0. ou. ee ee cso deve snaas ante snnte ects snety setae scene svans sen
12.   Appointment of Acting Principal Secretary            0. ie. ee cee caer ee sense sate nets mete sents ste          85
13.   Control of Prices of Maize and Maize Meal Notice, 1984........ cess setae etee ate tattne                          56

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