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6 April 1984

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1984-04-06 number 285

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        VOL. XXII]           MBABANE, Friday, April 6th., 1984                                   [No. 285


No.                                                                                                                          Page

                               PART C — LEGAL NOTICES

46.   Appointment of Principal Secretary    on. cece cscs cise sete sees sone inte sete sense ante snes sens sete              $1
47,   Appointment of Secretary to Cabinet/Head of the Civil Service                      (ou. cock ck cee cee see              82
48.   Appointment of Principal Secretary    one, us cece sess seces sess snes taste sents sete ane trees seat eae              $3
49.   Appointment of Principal Secretary    oi. cee ccm suse cme suite sem tne setae jnton gntne seinen sate saat              S84
50.   Appointment of Principal Secretary    uses sent aetna tants teens atte aenesy seman saves tess panne antes tunes ama     GS
51.   Appointmentof Principal Secretary                                                                                        S6
52.   Appointmentof Principal Secretary                                                                                        S7

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