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13 July 1984

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1984-07-13 number 302

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                                   SUPPLEMENT TO



          VOL. XXII]                     MBABANE,Friday, July 13th., 1984                                       [No. 302


No.                                                                                                                                    Page

                                            PART C — LEGAL NOTICES

76.   The Regulation of Wages (Mining and Quarrying Industries) Order, 1984... .... .....                                                S1
77.   The Regulation of Wages (Forestry and Forest Industry) Order, 1984                                        ow...=                  S10
78.   The Prices of Coloured Margarine Regulations, 1984... ow.                                                              a          $16
79.   The Administration of the Water and Sewerage Board Special Fund Regulations,
      1984 nn ee cess sents stene eee snes sense sue cevte snvne gute stent setae setts vette anne sstse antes anne seae anette         $17
80.   The date of Commencement (Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation
      Act) (Revocation) Notice, 1984 00. nc ee ene see cect sense stase sant enstn sense see este stats sate                            $20
81.   Revocation of Appointment of Acting Chief Justice ..... deste nts susteatsse atin sense setae tnt suse                            $21
82.   Acting Appointmentof Principal Secretary                         2... wee ee cess sce ssn tee setts tute tees tune omen           SOD
83.   Acting Appointment of Auditor General... 00. WW...                                                   a          snes en an        «BD
84,   Appointment of Commissioned Officers to the Umbutfo$Swaziland Defence
      Force ..    coe       ee seus eee            sesst teen sense sete cnet tnten sete eee gnetetetee anne                            $24
85.   Appointment of Commissioner of Investigations .                            devtes sents tenes suet tte tttse sttte ne cent cme    SDD

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