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14 September 1984

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1984-09-14 number 312

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         VOL. XXII]                   MBABANE,Friday, September 14th., 1984                                            [No. 312

                                                     CONTENTS                                              “

No.                                                                                                                                      Page

                                       PART C — LEGAL NOTICES

107.   The Maximum Wholesale and Retail Prices of Petroleum Products Notice, 1984 .....                                                    Si
108.   Revocation of Appointment of Chief of Staff and Removal from Umbutfo Swaziland
       Defence Force ce ee secs cise tutes tetes sae sees sunevstct vane snite setts steey stnin siete nuns tte nnn tet                    83
109.   Appointment of Army Commander... 00.000 cic ie cee ssnse setts sents nts sents sents snen sete                                      S4
410,   Removal of Commissioner of Policeccs sue cee dase sess state tne sees sntt seaes sate                                               85
j11.   Appointment of Commissioner of Police                     _..... cece snes cesses sesas tenon sanssy setaa sees ttt satan ste       S6
112,   Appointment of Principal Secretary 0.0 ie cece sess cesee sess sonne snes snes sense sneen tne ete                                  87
113.   Appointment of Principal Secretary 00.ee cee cssse sete sss ceeee cece tore unten nent sence seine                                  S88
114.   Promoted to the rank of Brigadier in the Umbutfo Swaziland Defence Force ....                                             .....     S89

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