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13 February 1987

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1987-02-13 number 500

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                                      SUPPLEMENT TO


                  SWAZILAND GOVERNMENT

       VOL. XXV]                        MBABANE,Friday, February, 13th., 1987                                           {No. 500


 No.                                                                                                                                   Page

                                                        PART A — BILLS
  2.    The Treasury Bills and Short Dated Government Stocks (Amendment)
        BHU, 1987 oe cesee cence sssse sntn etet sense setae setnt sete sunte snot sentn anit tang ttn anna une devnt snes sense sts    S1°

                                              PART C— LEGAL NOTICES
  2.    Corridendum — The Regulation of Wages (Motor
                                                  or Engineering7
        Order, 1987 nce sn seine sss sane wnt temte sete “               see nn tensetest                                               $2
- 9,    Appointment of Semior Magistrate 0. ce cm seme ssn sete sme ste ite sth ste nn cae sn                                           S3
 10.    Appointment of Magistrate..... sees guste sone sects untn este dene sate ney atte sntsaauesh seste stse ene suse                M4

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