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20 March 1987

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1987-03-20 number 507

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                                   SUPPLEMENT TO



      VOL. XXV]                       MBABANE,Friday, March 20th., 1987                                               [No. 507


No.                                                                                                                                  Page

                                           PART C— LEGAL NOTICES

 2.   Corrigendum—The Regulation o@ W
                                    f ages(A
                                           (Motor Engineering Trades)
      Order, 1987          ow. uo.                                                                             seose sense nantes      SI
19.   The Proclamation of Mikhaya Nature Reserve|(Amendment)Notice, 1987                                                              $2
20.   The Central Bank of Swaziland Statement of Assets Liabilities as at 31st
      FAMUary, LOST nse ceeee sssee sssse astse snes sees anesy settee sates suese enue cnet sent sect   gana tate anton gene vent    83
23.   The Matsapha Township (Extension of Boundaries) Notice, 1987 0. ou. ce ee cee see                                               85

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