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2 October 1987

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1987-10-02 number 551

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                              SUPPLEMENT TO



      VOL. XXV]                   MBABANE,Friday, October 2nd., 1987                                  [No. 551



                                      PART C — LEGAL NOTICES

72.   Appointment of Judge of the High Court 20.0 2. i cee cee cee cee cts stn atte cnet se                         St
73.   Appointment of Justice of Appeal           on in ee. secu ance sine sete cet atten sntne tne nae sen ste      $2
74.   Appointment of Justice of Appeal           in wan vee cue sue ne
75.   Revocation of Appointment of Justice of Appeal ou... cece sce sssne secs soins setts sett see                 S4
76.   Appointment of Judge President of the Court of Appeal ou. 20.0cece wens sees soe sees                         85
71.   Revocation of Appointment of Judge President                 ..... .....                                      S6
2.    Revocation of Appointment of Commissioner of Investigations o.oo                                              S87
80.   Revocation of Appointment of Mimister               0. on. ese cee ccee meee mene vate svete snene ten nut    88
81.   Appointment of Principal Secretary0 2. cece ee eee cee ctene sett cates cette stig sees senna                 89
82.   Appointment of Principal Secretary ou. wu. ee cee cence cise snmee cst nent snns ston sven nene ons          S10
83.   Swaziland Institute of Accountants Bye-Laws 2. on. cee eee cen cee snes cnt nena seen sna                    Sit

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