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9 October 1987

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1987-10-09 number 552

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                                       SUPPLEMENT TO


                  SWAZILAND GOVERNMENT

        VOL. XXV]                              MBABANE,Friday, October 9th., 1987                                                  [No. 552


No.                                                                                                                                                Page

                                                 PART C — LEGAL NOTICES                                                                        \

63.   Corrigendum — The Maximum Busand Taxi Fares (Amendment) Regulations,
      1987..               ent sate                                                                          ete   stnne   seers       senae        Sl
84.   The Mankayane Township(ExtensionNo.
                                        2)Regulations, 1987                                                                                         82
87.   The Regulation of Wages Retail and Wholesale Distributive Trades) Order,
      1987..      soon a                                                       sen ae                                                               S8
88.   The Regulation ofWages (Buildinga
                                      and Construction
                                                     n Industry) Order,1
                                                                       1987 ie onan                                                                $13
89.   Thecentral Bank of Swaziland Statement of Assets and Liabilities as at 31st August,

90.   The Cotton (Destruction
                 (            and
                                Planting Dates) Regulations, 1W987 ne ee cee cnsee nee                                                             $22
91.   The Umbutfo Swaziland Defence Force (Remuneration) (Amendment) Regulations,
      VOBT cses cose sete sein stnty setce sttny sates deseee sassy snsees sens ane sett sectue seni setsettee sesanetneee ences tasty seen        $24

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