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30 October 1987

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1987-10-30 number 556

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       VOL. XXV]               MBABANE,Friday, October 30th., 1987                              [No. 556


No.                                                                                                           Page

                               PART C — LEGAL NOTICES

 99.   Appointment of Principal Magistrate     2. ee ce nse cnet sete eete ste sty st soe                      S1
100.   Appointment of Principal Magistrate      0. 0. on ice cece ance sects sate anne stn suate canine st      $2
101.   The Regulation of Wages (Mining and Quarrying Industries) Order, 1987                                    $3
102.   Appointment of Acting Secretary to Cabinet/Head of the Civil Service                  n,n. sun          $13
103.   Appointment of Executive Officer of Electoral Committee                                           ve    $14
104.   Appointment of Indvuna Yenkhundia                                                         sect   see    sis
105.   Appointment of Indvuna Yenkhundla 0. ne cee ces see sete sone nets tne set sntte see                   $16

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