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24 February 1989

Swaziland Government Gazette supplement dated 1989-02-24 number 645

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                               SUPPLEMENT TO




      VOL. XXVIT]                      MBABANE,Friday, February 24th., 1989                                   [No. 645


No.                                                                                                                      Page

                                          PART C — LEGAL NOTICES

19.   The Regulation of Wages (Manufacturing and Processing
                                                          6 Industry) Order,
      1989 ee ee ta                     _                                                                                 $1
20.   Designation of Licensing(QOPPFCOLS nese esse cence sess sess gesee sesne sung setne pntte sees sea net ssee         $19
21-   Appointment of Members of Valuation Court win. cece cme sent sem ome sents suets siete nse                          S20
22.   Designation of Public Officer to be Registrar of Patents, Designs and
      Trademarks ...      sects reek tnnnssetnemoerywneeestvee eevee anatsntnn rpnte sense seer pneu ant att see          821
23.   The Import and Export of Scheduled Products Notice, 1989 .                                                          $22

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