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17 March 2000

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2000-03-17 number 19

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                      Uganda Gazette
  S'fittrrtd al thr            Y                                        "W                                                  j    -

  Vol. XCIII No. 19                                                          17th March, 2000                                        Price: Shs. 700

                                   CONTENTS                                   Page           General Notice No. 106 of 2000.
  The Marriage Act— Notice ...                   .........................          97                    THE INCOME TAX ACT. 1997.
  The Parliamentary Elections Statute— Notice                         ...           97                           (Act ] 1 of 1997).
  The Income Tax Act—Notice                      .........................       97-98                                NOTICE.
  The Companies Act—Notice......................................                    98           LIST OF TAXPAYERS FOR SELF ASSESSMENT.
  The Money Lenders Act—Notice .........................                            98         Notice is hereby given for general information that the
  The Trade Marks Act-Registration of applications ...                           98-99       following taxpayers arc specified for self assessment under
  Advertisements          ......................................................       100   S.97(5) of the Income Tax Act.

                                                                                             No.              Name of Taxpayer
  General Notice No. 104 of 2000.
                      THE MARRIAGE ACT, 1964.                                                1. AB Baumann (U) Ltd
                                                                                             2. AES Nile Independent Power Ltd
                       (Cap. 211).                                                           3. Acme Careo Ltd
               (Under section 6 oj die Act).                                                 4. AIG Ltd
                        NOTICE.                                                              5. Apex Dry Cleaners & Laundry Ltd
       PLACE FOR CELEBRATION OF MARRIAGES.                                                   6. Arrow Centre Ltd
                                                                                             7. Aqva International Ltd
    In exercise of the powers conferred upon me by section 6                                 8. Baggery Trading Co. Ltd
  of the Marriage Act. I hereby license the place of public                                  9. Bai Enterprises Ltd
  worship mentioned in the Schedule hereto to be place for                                    10. Bugishu Industries Ltd
  celebration of marriages.                                                                  11. Buhinga Clearing & Forwarding Co. Ltd
                                                                                             12. Cal (U) Ltd
                                SCHEDULE.                                                     13. Car and General Ltd
                                                                                              14. Cargil (U) Ltd
  Chinch                                  The Bible Gospel Ministries                         15. Cementers Ltd
  Denomination                            Pentecostal                                         16. Classic Enterprises Ltd
  Place                                   Kawempe *                                           17. Computer Applications (U) Ltd
  Sub-county                              Kawempe                                             18. Computer Point (U) Ltd
                                                                                              19. Congo Trading Co. Ltd
  County                                  Kyadondo
                                                                                             20. Crestfoam Ltd
  District                                Kampala.
                                                                                             21. DHL International
                                                                                             22. Diamond Trust Properties Ltd
                                      J.S. MAYANJA - NKANGI.                                 23. Down Town Forex Bureau Ltd
                      Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs.                          24. Gentex Enterprises Ltd
                                                                                             25. Golden Neolile Diamite International Ltd
                                                                                             26. Hardware & Industries Ltd
                                                                                             27. Hitcch Photographic Industry Ltd
  General Notice No. 105 of 2000.                                                            28. Hogg & Minnet (U) Ltd
      THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS (INTERIM                                                   29. Hyudery Forex Bureau Ltd
              PROVISIONS) STATUTE, 1996.                                                     30. Inlex Building & Civil Engineering Co.
                                                                                             31. Jamal Walji Ltd
                 Statute No. 4 of 1996.
                                                                                              32. Jubilee Insurance Co. Ltd
                               Section 46( h .                                                33. Jubilee Investments (K) Ltd
                                 NOTICE.                                                      34. Jubilee Investments Ltd
                                                                                              35. Kampala Tobacco Stores Ltd
      APPOINTMENT OF POLLING DAY FOR THE BY­                                                  36. Kenya Orchards Ltd
     ELECTION IN KIBALE COUNTY CONSTITUENCY.                                                  37. Kuhne & Nagel Ltd
                     KABAROLE DISTRICT                                                        38. National Bank of Commerce Ltd
                                                                                              39. MAKKS Industries Ltd
      N'rncE is hereby given that in exercise of the powers                                   40. Masumin Textiles Corporation Ltd
  .onferred upon the Electoral Commission by section 46 (1) of                                41. Muslim Sunni Association Ltd
  lhe Parliamentary Elections (Interim Provisions) Statute. 1996.
                                                                                              42. Oswhal Holdings Ltd
      2nd day of April, 2000 is hereby appointed the polling day
                                                                                              43. Orient Bank Ltd
^n uhich the by-election for the Member of Parliament tn                                     44. Panworld Insurance Ltd
   £jhale County Constituency, Kabarolc District, shall take                                  45. Park Build (U) Ltd
jZlace at all the polling stations established for the purposes of                            46. Rene Pharmacy Ltd
Jic by-election, from 7:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                              47. Ssebagala & Sons Electricals Ltd
    Esi Eb at Kampala, this 29th day of February'. 2000.                                      48. Service Garage Ltd
                                                 AZIZ K. KASUJJA,                             49. Swiss Garde Ltd
                                     Chairman, Electoral Commission.                          50. Tala (U) Ltd
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