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24 March 2000

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2000-03-24 number 20

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                        The                                                                                                               H« kt H bl K-»M

                    ganda Gazette -
                                                                        .                                                A     A            Published

 Vol. XCIII No. 20
                    U                                                     24th March, 2000                                          Price: Shs. 700

                                  CONTENTS                                    Page      General Notice No. 11 1 of 2000.
  The Marriage Act— Notice ...                                                    101       THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT. 1997.
  The Electoral Commission Act—Notice..............                               101                      Act No. 3 of J 997.
  The Parliamentary Elections Statute— Notice                          ... 101-102                               Section 30.
  The Local Governments Act— Notices                        ..............        102
/The Advocates Act—Notices                       .........................        102
 .The Income Tax Act—Notice                      .............................102-103    APPOINTMENT OF RETURNING OFFICERS FOR
 11k Trade Marks Act-Registration of applications ... 103-107                            MOROTO AND KOTIDO ELECTORAL DISTRICTS.
 Advertisements           ................................................ 107-108          Notice is hereby given that by virtue of the powers
 _l(7                      SUPPLEMENTS                                                  conferred upon die Electoral Commission by section 30 of
 No. 5—The Community Service Act. 2000.                                                 the Electoral Commission Act. No. 3 of 1997. appointments
                                                                                        are hereby made for Mr. Luke Lokuda as the Returning
Statutory Instruments
                                                                                        Officer for Moroto Electoral District and.Mr. Okori Moe
No. 15—The Electoral Commission (Appointment of Date of                                 David Rowland as lhe Acting Returning Officer for Kotido
     Completion of Update of the National Voters’ Register)                             Electoral District.
     Instrument. 2000.
No 16—The Forest Produce Fees and Licences Order. 2000.                                    Issued at Kampala this 15th day of March. 2000.
No. 17—The Laws (Revised Edition) (Approval of Omission of                                                   FLORA K. NKURUKENDA (MRS).
     Particular Statutory Instruments) Instrument. 2000.                                               Deputy Chairperson, Electoral Commission.
No. 18— The Penal Code (Unlawful Societies) (Revocation)
     Order. 2000.
No. 19—The Penal Code (Prohibition of Importation)
     (Revocation) Order. 2000.                                                          General Notice No. 1 12 of 2000.
No 20—The Laws (Revised Edition) (Approval of Omission of                                  THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS (INTERIM
     Particular Statutory Instruments) Instrument. 2000.                                           PROVISIONS) STATUTE. 1996.
                                                                                                      Statute No. 4 of 1996.

                     CORRIGENDUM                                                                              Section 46( /) (h).
Correction is made in General Notice No. 49 of 2000 dated                                                         NOTICE.
4th February 2000 - The heading should read:- Appointment                               APPOINTMENT OF TIMI: AND PI .ACE FOR TALLYING
of Returning and Assistant Returning Officers for the
                                                                                        OF VOTES IN THE PARLIAMENTARY BY-ELECTION IN
Electoral Districts ol Luwcro and Soroti respectively, hut
Not Appointment of Assistant Returning Officers lor the                                    KIBALE COUNTY CONSTITUENCY. KABAROLE
Eicuoral Districts of Luwero and Soroti respectively as it                                                 DISTRICT.
appeared therein.                                                                           Notice is hereby given that in exercise of the powers
                                                                                        conlcrrcd upon lhe Electoral Commission by section 46(1) (b)
                                                                                        ol the Parliamentary Elections (Interim Provisions) Statute.
■ Jenera! Notice No. I 10 of 2000.
                                                                                        No. 4 of 1996. the Commission for purposes of lhe by-election
                nil: MARRIAGE ACT. 1964.
                                                                                        in Kibalc County Constituency. Kabarole District.
                          (Cap. 211).
                 / Under sei lion 6 of the Ai l).                                            (a) directs that (he lime appointed for tallying by the
                           NOTICE.                                                                 Returning Officer of the number of votes given to
      PLACE FOR CELEBRATION OF MARRIAGES.                                                          each candidate from each polling station shall be as
   p. em RCist ol the powers conferred upon me by section 6                                        soon as practicable, upon receiving (he declaration
    the Marriage Act. I hereby licence (he place ol public                                         of results form in respect of each polling station, as
  jiJnp mentioned in the Schedule hereto to be place lor
                                                                                                   prescribed by section 83 (1) and i2) of the
   Ichralion ol marriages.
                      ” SCHEDULE.                                                                  Parliamentary Elections (Interim Provisions!
-hut-ch              Seventh-! )ay Adventist Association
                       —                                                                           Statute. 1996: and
                      of Uganda                                                              th) appoints Kamwunge county Headquarters, to lx? lhe
  ^nomination  —     Scvcntli-Day Adventist Church
                                                                                                   place for tallying lhe number of votes given to each
jut             — Kikajjo
 fh county      — Nsangi                                                                           candidate from each polling station.
  }finiY        — Busiro
                                                                                          Issued at Kampala, this 20lh du
                                                                                                                       *       of March. 2(M)0.
  jrid          — Mpigi.
                              J.S. MAYANJA - NKANGL                                                                             AZIZ K KASUJJA.
              Minister of Justice A Constitutional Affairs.                                                          Chairman. Eh\ total Commission
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