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14 April 2000

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2000-04-14 number 25

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     KIR >1 h    IGAM>\

  —Uganda Gazette 3“

  Vol. XCIII No. 25                                                               14th April, 2000                                            Price: Shs. 700

                             CONTENTS                                              Page     General Notice No. 142 of 2000.
 The Electoral Commission Act—Notices..............                                 129            THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT, 1997.
 The Trade Marks Act—Alteration of a Registered
  Trade Mark      ............................................................       130                             Act No. 3 of 1997.
 The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications                               130-132                          Section 30( 1) and 31(1).
 Advertisements ............................................................         132
                                                                                              APPOINTMENT OF RETURNING AND ASSISTANT
 General Notice No. 141 (4'2000.                                                              RETURNING OFFICERS FOR ARUA ELECTORAL
                THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ACT 1997.
                                                                                                Notice is hereby given that by virtue of the powers
                         Ac/AG. / of 1997.
                                                                                            conferred upon the Electoral Commission by section 30(1)
                                 Section 138 (1).                                           and 31(1) of the Electoral Commission Act. No. 3 of 1997.
    DECLARATION OF BY-ELECTION RESULTS FOR                                                  the persons whose names appear in the Schedule to this
    SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP REPRESENTATIVES.                                                 Notice are hereby appointed the Returning and Assistant
                                                                                            Returning Officers for Arua Electoral District.
                          YOUTH REPRESENTATIVES
District         Electoral Area Nature of             Representative
                                Councillor                                                  Name                     Current Post               Appointment
                                                                                            Mr. VVafula Michael      Assistant Chief            Returning Officer
MBALE Namayonyi                    Female            KISSA. Amina                                                    Administrative Officer
       Namayonyi                   Male              NAGIMESI. Charles
       Sibanga                     Female            WATERA. Susan                          Mr Ouma Barasa           Assistant Chief            Assistant
       Sibanga                     Male              WANYAMA. Sam                           Stephen                  Administrative Officer     Returning Officer
       Bukibokolo                  Female            NAMUWENGE, Harriet
       Bukibokolo                  Male              WANYERA. Marlin
       Bulegeni                    Female            NANGOL1. Olivia                           Issued at Kampala this 7th day of April, 2000.
       Bulegeni                    Male              WAMUL1RA. Joseph
       Zesui                       Female            NBUDUWA. Harima
       Zesui                       Male              MUKWANA, Paul                                                 FLORA K. NKURUKENDA (MRS),
       Bulucheke                   Female            NELIMA. Norah                                           Deputy Chairperson, Electoral Commission.
       Bulucheke                   Male              MASAW1. Michael Israel
       Kaato                       Female            NANDUTU. Grace
       Kaato                       Male              WATS UTE. Robert
       Buwagogo                    Female            MUTAMBO. Irene Stella
       Bumayoka                    Female            NEKESA, Beatrice
       Bumayoka                    Male              KUTOSI, Sam
SOROTI Otuboi                      Male              OCHUL, Caiphas Eneku                   General Notice No. 143 of 2000.
                                                                                                   THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT, 1997.
                                                                                                                    Act No. 3 of 1997.
District        Electoral Area Nature of              Representative
                               Councillor                                                                               Section 30.

MBALE Namayonyi                    Female            NAGUDI, Margaret                                                    NOTICE.
      Namayonyi                    Male              KABALA, Kusaini
      Zesui                        Female            WOHENGERA, Lorna                        APPOINTMENT OF ACTING RETURNING OFFICER
      Zesui                        Male              MWAMBU, Krizcstom                             FOR APAC ELECTORAL DISTRICT.
      Bududa                       Male              KIBETI. Difasi
      Kaato                        Female            NABUSHAWO, Margaret                        Notice is hereby given that by virtue of the powers
      Kaato                        Male              WAMATSEBE. Wilberforce                 conferred upon the Electoral Commission by section 30 of
      Buwagogo                     Male              MURAZI. James
      Bukibokolo                   Female            NAMBUYA. Blackiseta                    the Electoral Commission Act, No. 3 of 1997, Mr. Martin
      Bukibokolo                   Male              NABUYI,      Ycfusa                    Peter Obia, Acting Chief Administrative Officer, Apac
      Sibanga                      Female            BUTOTO. Angela                         District is hereby appointed the Acting Returning Officer for
      Sibanga                      Male              MABONGA. W. Charles
RAKA1 Nabigasa                     Male              WASWA. Moses                           Apac Electoral District.

  Issued at Kampala this 4ih day ol April. 2000.                                               Issued at Kampala this 14th day of April, 2000.

                                                  AZIZ K. KASUJJA.                                                 FLORA K. NKURUKENDA (MRS).
                                      Chairman, Electoral Commission.                                        Deputy Chairperson, Electoral Commission.
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