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28 December 2000

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2000-12-28 number 76

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   J^ZETTE EXTRAORDINARY                                                                                                                       697

                           The                                                                                                  I HE MHKK* Of < r.ASO*

                      Luanda Gazette
   I'lHttrtd at the                                   TB                                                       A    A             Published

  Vol. XCIII No. 76                                      28th December, 2000                                            Price: Shs. 1000

                        CONTENTS                                 Page              (b)   A Technical Certificate or a Diploma awarded by
 Hie Uganda National Examinations Board—Notice                    697                       UNEB or other recognised examining body to
 The Advocates Act—Notice                ...........      ...     698                       a person who holds a UCE Certificate and has
 Advertisements ................................................     698                    studied for al least two continuous years in a
                                                                                           Technical institution.

                                                                                   (c)   A Business Certificate awarded by UNEB or other
 General Notice No. 452 of 2000.                                                            recognised examining bodies, to a person who
                                                                                            holds a UCE level Certificate and has studied
                                                                                            for at least two years continuously in a
                             Section 3(7).                                                  Business institution.

EDUCATION AND ITS EQUIVALENT FOR PERSONS                                       (d)       Any degree, certificate or diploma recognised by a
WISHING TO RUN FOR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS.                                                 professional body, the Uganda National
                                                                                           Examinations Board, or any nationally
PREAMBLE                                                                                   recognised Awarding Body in Uganda.

gy virtue of the powers conferred upon the Uganda                             (e) Any person who has attained       a certificate issued by
National Examinations Board (UNEB) under Section 3 (7)                                     a nationally recognised University after a
of the Presidential Elections Act, 2000, the Uganda National                               mature entrance examination will be deemed to
Examinations Board hereby publishes the following list of                                  have an equivalent to Advanced level standard.
qualifications considered as A' Level or its equivalent.

    1. A person shall be deemed to have an ’A’ level                         (f)    A certificate awarded by a recognised military,
certificate on presentation of an original 'A' level certificate                      police or prisons college or academy or school
issued by the Uganda National Examinations Board, the                                 to a person who has after 'O' level and the basic
                                                                                      military, police or prisons course completed an
East African Examinations Council or Cambridge Local
Examinations Syndicate.                                                               approved course of not less than six months at
                                                                                      the college, academy or school.
   2. In the event of loss of the original certificate, a person
purporting to have an 'A' level certificate shall produce an                                        SCHEDULE 2
original letter of verification of results issued by UNEB.
                                                                           Equivalencies          based on     qualifications     obtained
    3. A person who does not possess an ’A' level certificate
35 in (1) above shall be required to produce evidence of an
equivalent qualification as in Schedules (1) and (2).
                                                                           Candidates presenting equivalent qualifications obtained
                           SCHEDULE 1                                      outside Uganda shall be required to submit certified
^ivalencies based on qualifications obtained within                        copies from lhe Regulatory Agency responsible for
bandar                                                                     Education in the countries in which certificates are
                                                                           obtained, along with their course content.
      (Q) A Grade III Teachers' certificate awarded by the
                 Institute of Teacher Education, Kyambogo to a
                 teacher who pursues lhe course for two years
                 after UCE level or Grade II Teachers'
                                                                                                                   M. B. B. BUKENYA,
                 Certificate and has taken a continuous Grade
                                                                                                                        Acting Secretary.
                 III course lasting for at least two years.
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