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21 May 2001

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2001-05-21 number 29

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                            Uganda Gazette
R e g is te r e d a t the
General hist Office far
transm ission w ithin                                                                                                            by
E a s t A fr ic a a s a
Ne ii spaper                                                                                                                  Authority

Vol. XCIV No. 29                                                21st May, 2001                                      Price: Shs. 1000

                       CONTENTS                                  Page     General Notice No. 186 of 2001.
The Traffic and Road Safety Act—Notice                    ...     137        THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS ACT, 2001.
The Electoral Commission Act—Notice                       ...     137                              Section 5(4).
The Parliamentary Elections Act—Notice                    ...     137
Advertisement ..............................................      137     NOTICE OF COMPLETION OF FORMAL EDUCATION
                                                                           OF ADVANCED LEVEL STANDARD EQUIVALENT
                                                                            N otice is hereby given that by virtue of the powers
                                                                          conferred upon the Uganda National Examinations Board
General Notice No. 184 of 2001.                                           under section 5(4) of the Parliamentary Elections Act, 2001,
       THE TRAFFIC AND ROAD SAFETY ACT, 1998.                                    WILLIAM WILBERFORCE KIWAGAMA
                                    NOTICE.                               is said to have completed formal education of Advanced
                                                                          level standard.
  APPOINTMENT OF MANUFACTURER OF MOTOR                                      I ssued   at Kampala this 21st day of May, 2001.
   In exercise of the powers conferred upon the Minister                                                            DAN N. ODONGO,
responsible for transport, by section 35 of the Traffic and                                                        Acting Secretary,
Road Safety Att and Regulations made thereunder, Ms.                                            Uganda National Examinations Board.
Arnold Brooklyn Company Ltd of P. O. Box 21555,
Kampala is hereby authorised to manufacture Motor
Vehicles Registration Number Plates.                                                  A D V E R T ISE M E N T *31
                                                                                          DEED CHANGING SURNAME
                                                JOHN M. NASASIRA,
                   Minister o f Works, Housing and Communications.          By this deed, I the undersigned Acellam Ben of P.O. Box
                                                                          31, Gulu, now lately called Kibwota Ben a citizen of
                                                                          Uganda do hereby:
                                                                             1. For and on behalf of myself and my wife and children
General Notice No. 185 of 2001.                                           and remoter issue wholly renounce, relinquish and abandon
                                                                          the use of my former surname of Kibwota and in place
            THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT, 1997.                           thereof do assume from the date hereof the surname of
                                                                          Acellam and so that I, my wife and children and remoter
                                                                          issue may hereafter be called, known and distinguished not
                                Act No. 3 o f 1997.
                                                                          by my former surname of Kibwota but by my assumed name
                                                                          of Acellam.
                                  Section 30( 1).
                                                                             2. For the purpose of evidencing such my determination, I
   APPOINTMENT OF ACTING RETURNING OFFICERS                               declare that I shall at all times hereafter in all records, deeds
      FOR MASAKA AND MOROTO ELECTORAL                                     and writings and in all proceedings, dealings and
                                                                          transactions as well as private as public and upon all
                  DISTRICTS.                                              occasions whatsoever use and sign the name of Acellam as
     N otice is hereby civen by the Electoral Commission that
                                                                          my surname in place of and in substitution for my former
                                                                          name of Kibwota.                                  f
 in accordance with the provisions of section 30(1) of the
 Electoral Commission Act, No. 3 of 1997, Mr. Charles                       3. Expressly authorise and request all persons at all times
 Mashate and Ms. Joy Nandaula are hereby appointed Acting                 hereafter to designate and address me and my wife and
 Returning Officers for Moroto and Masaka Electoral                       children and remoter issue by such assumed surname of
                                                                          Acellam accordingly.
 Districts respectively.
                                                                             In witness whereof I have hereto subscribed my former
     Issued at Kampala, this 18th day of May, 2001.                       and adopted names of Kibwota Ben and Acellam Ben and
                                                                          affixed my seal this 18th day of May, 2001.
                                 FLORA K. NKURUKENDA (MRS),               S ig n ed , sealed and delivered by the above named
                            Deputy Chaiperson, Electoral Commission.      Acellam Ben formerly Kibwota Ben.
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