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13 July 2001

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2001-07-13 number 45

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                                 The                                                                                               THF RKPI BIJCOFITIASDA

General Post Office for
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E a s t A fr ic a as a

Vol. XCIV No. 45
                            Uganda Gazette                                                                                              by

                                                                   13th July, 2001                                        Price: Shs. 1000

                         CONTENTS                    Page                    Schedule to this Notice are hereby appointed Returning and
The Marriage Act— Notice                                                     Assistant Returning Officers of the respective Electoral
The Electoral Commission Act—Notice                                          Districts appearing in the third column of that Schedule. By
The Companies Act—Notice                                                     this Notice, the persons whose names appear in the first
The Advocates Act—Notices                                                    column of the Second Schedule are hereby degazetted as
                                                      432                    Returning Officers for Moroto and Kotido, respectively.
The Local Governments Rating Decree__Notice           432
The Trade Marks Act—Notice                                                                            FIRST SCHEDULE
The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 433-436                    Name                       Post                  Appointment and
Advertisements .................................                                                                              Electoral Districts
                 SUPPLEMENTS                                                 1. Mr. Stephen Odeke       Ag. Secretary D.S.C   Returning Officer,
Statutory Instruments                                                                                   &UACAO)               Moroto Electoral
No. 44—The Amnesty Act (Extension of Expiry Period)
      Instrument, 2001.                                                      2. Mr. Chuna Moses         (AC AO)               Assistant Returning
                                                                                Kapolon                                       Officer, Moroto
No. 45—The External Trade (Importation Licence) (No 10)
      Order, 2001.                                                           3. Mr. Walter lriama       (CAO)                 Returning Officer.
                                                                                                                              Kotido Electoral
Legal Notice                                                                                                                  District
No. 7— Declaration of Town Councils Notice, 2001.
                                                                             4. Mr. Michael Ouma        (DCAO)                Assistant Returning
                                                                                                                              Officer Kotido
                                                                                                                              Electoral District
General Notice No. 261 of 2001.
             THE MARRIAGE ACT, 1964.                                                                  SECOND SCHEDULE
                                ( Cap. 211).                                 5. Mr. Charles Mashate     R.O                   Returning Officer,
                (Under Section 6 o f the Act).                                                                                Moroto Electoral
                          NOTICE                                                                                              District
     PLACE FOR CELEBRATION OF MARRIAGES.                                     6. Mr. Charles William     R.O                   Returning Officer,
  I n exercise of the powers conferred upon me by section 6                    Ochola                                         Kotido Electoral
of the Marriage Act, I hereby license the place of public                                                                     District
worship mentioned in the Schedule hereto to be place for
celebration of marriages.                                                       Issued at Kampala, this 7th day of July, 2001.
                      " SCHEDULE.
    Clmrcli                 —
                            Annoited Church of Jesus Christ Kitintale                               FLORA K. NKURIJKENDA (MRS).
    Denomination            —
                            Pentecostal                                                        Deputy Chaiperson, Electoral Commission.
    Place                   —Kitintale
    Sub-County              —
    County                  —
    District                —
                            Kampala                                          General Notice No. 263 of 2001.
                                               J.S. MAYANJA NKANGI,                         THE COMPANIES ACT. 1964.
                            Minister o f Justice & Constitutional Affairs.
                                                                                                          (Cap. 85).

General Notice No. 262 of 2001.                                                                           NOTICE.
    THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT, 1997.                                         P ursuant to section 20(3) of the Companies Act, notice
              Act No. 3 o f 1997.                                            is hereby given that Asdia Limited has by special Resolution
                Section 32( 1).                                              passed on the 29th day of June, 2001 and with the approval
                  NOTICE.                                                    of the Registrar of Companies changed its name to Exp.
  DEGAZETTING AND REPLACEMENT OF ACTING                                      Momentum Uganda Limited and that such new name has
 RETURNING OFFICER FOR MOROTO AND KOTIDO                                     been entered in my Register.
      N otice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission                      Dated at Kampala this 9th day of July, 2001.
that in accordance with the provisions of section 32( 1) of the
Electoral Commission Act, No. 3 of 1997, the persons                                                                BEN TURYASINGURA.
whose names appear in the first column of the Fiist                                                        Assistant Registrar of Companies.
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