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5 October 2001

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2001-10-05 number 61

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                                                                                                                            THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA

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 General Post Office for
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 East Africa as a
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 Vol. XCIV No. 61                                            5th October, 2001                                      Price: Shs. 1000

                                  CONTENTS                      PAGE     General Notice No. 391 of 2001.

 The Community Service Act—Notice                  ...           507          THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT, 1997,
 The Electoral Commission Act—Notices                   8         507                          Act No. 3 of 1997.
 The Advocates Act—Notices            :                     - 507-508                       Sections 18,19 and 26.
 The Trade Marks Act— ee ofapplications 508-511                                            NOTICE.
 Advertisements                        . 512-513
                                                                              APPOINTMENTOF PERIOD FOR FRESH
                               SUPPLEMENTS                                  REGISTRATION OF VOTERS AND TAKING OF
 Statutory Instrument                                                     VOTERS’ PHOTOGRAPHS IN KAMPALADISTRICT.
 No. 54—TheElectoral Commission (Appointment of Date of                     NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that by virtue of the powers
    Completion of Update of Voters’ Register) Instrument, 2001.
                                                                         conferred upon the Electoral Commissionby sections 18, 19
pill                                                                     and 26 of the Electoral Commission Act, No. 3 of 1997, the
 No. 24—The East African Community Bill, 2001.                           period commencing 12th October, 2001 and ending 24th
 Act                                                                     October, 2001 is hereby appointed the period during which
 No. 16—The Customs Management (Amendment) Act, 2001.                    Fresh Registration of Voters and taking of Voters’
                                                                         Photographs shall take place in KampalaDistrict.
 General Notice No. 389 of 2001.                                             Notice is hereby published for purpose of fresh
         DESIGNATION OF MAGISTERIAL AREAS                                registration of voters and taking of voters’ photographs and
                      SERVICE ORDERS.                                    production of Photographic Voters’ Cards and Register.
                           NOTICE.                                          IssUED at Kampala,this 3rd day of October, 2001.
  In exercise of the powers conferred upon the Chief Justice
 by section 10(1) of the Community Service Act of 2000, it                                                          AZIZ K. KASUJJA,
 is hereby notified that:                                                                            Chairman, Electoral Commission.
 The following Magisterial Areas described in the Schedule
 below which have been prepared and ready to commence
 issuing Community Service Orders as required by law are                 General Notice No. 392 of 2001.
 gazetted for the purpose that the Magistrates in those areas                              THE ADVOCATES ACT.
 begin issuing such Community Service Orders as they deem
                                                                         APPLICATION FOR A CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY.
= lagisterial Areas                                                        IT IS HEREBY NOTIFIED that an application has been
 1.    Masaka Magisterial Area                                           presented to the Law Council by Nsenga Festo whois stated
 2     Mukono Magisterial Area                                           to be a holder of Bachelor of Laws of Makerere University
 3.     Mpigi Magisterial Area                                           having been awarded a Degree on the 8th day of October, 1999
 4      Masindi Magisterial Area                                         and to have been awarded a Diplomain Legal Practice by the
  Dated at Kampala this 27th day of September, 2001.
                                                                         Law DevelopmentCentre on the 9th day of February, 2001 for
                                                                         the issue of a Certificate of Eligibility for entry of his name on
                                                        B J ODOKI
                                                                         the Roll of Advocates for Uganda.
                                                       Chief Justice.
                                                                         Kampala,                                   JULIET NASSUNA,
  General Notice No. 390 of 2001.                                        24th August, 2001.             Acting Secretary, Law Council.
                     Act No. 3 of 1997.
                                 Section 31 (1).                         General Notice No. 393 of 2001.
                   NOTICE.                                                                 THE ADVOCATES ACT.
        NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Electoral Commission                 APPLICATION FOR ENROLMENTOF ADVOCATE.
  that in accordance with section 31(1) of the               Electoral     IT IS HEREBY NOTIFIED that a Petition has been presentedto
  Commission Act, Mo. 3 of 1997, Mr. John Patrick                        the Hon. the Chief Justice by Faridah Semyano whois stated
  Nuweabigaba, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer                    to be a holder of Bachelor of Laws Degree of Makerere
  Kamwenge District is hereby appointed the Assistant                    University and a Diplomain Legal Practice awarded to her
  Returning Officer for Kamwenge Electoral District.                     by the Law Development Centre, Kampala for entry of her
                                                                         name on the Roll of Advocates for Uganda.
        IssUED at Kampala, this Ist day of October, 2001.
                                 FLORA K. NKURUKENDA(MRS),               Kampala,                                 STEPHEN MUSOTA,
                           Deputy Chairperson, Electoral Commission.     27th September, 2001.                    Acting Chief Registrar.
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